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CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition

Simplify the complexities of enterprise workload automation.

CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition (CA WA CA 7 Edition) is a highly scalable, fully integrated workload automation solution that can show you what, when and where your workload needs to run. Designed to cultivate an agile and business-centric IT environment, CA WA CA 7 Edition can simplify the complexity of workload automation by coordinating and executing job schedules and event triggers across your enterprise.

Through a single point of control, CA WA CA 7 Edition enables you to distribute or centralize job submission according to business relevance, helping your team to efficiently manage the performance and availability of cross-platform applications. It also automates processes such as critical path monitoring to help your team respond rapidly to potential issues and to meet SLAs.

CA WA CA 7 Edition is hosted on System z and architected to achieve a tight integration of technology and business processing by:

  • Automating basic functions and problem-response.
  • Providing secure and customizable access to the workload information your customer needs.

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Key Features

  • Jobflow monitor
  • Interface to system state managers
  • Perpetual calendars

Key Benefits

  • Supports enterprise efficiency
  • Helps ensure consistent and reliable service delivery
  • Enhances business responsiveness

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