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CA Application Performance Management

Deliver better performance and ensure an exceptional end-user experience for critical applications.

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) with application behavior analytics can help IT organizations reliably deliver revenue- and productivity-generating business services while exceeding end-user and customer expectations.

CA APM provides application management of complex applications across physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments. Our application performance management solutions provide visibility across multi-tiers to help you better understand the impact of your network and underlying infrastructure.

CA APM offers a deeper visibility into the nuances of application performance so that you can find potential problems before impacting your end users. CA APM with application behavior analytics gives you application management that can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to identify and diagnose problems.
  • Reduce finger-pointing and the time-consuming war-room approach to troubleshooting.

CA Application Performance Management: Application Behavior Analytics Overview

CA Application Performance Management in One Minute

Success Stories

Key Features

  • Advanced behavior analytics
  • Web-based user interface
  • Browser response time monitor
  • Unified end-user experience monitoring
  • Transaction visibility into the mainframe
  • Proactive cloud-based monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Troubleshoot faster.
  • Boost IT productivity.
  • Get control of the end-user experience.

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