CA AppLogic® Cloud Platform

Deliver the software defined data center in hours with a turn-key cloud platform.

CA AppLogic Cloud Platform makes the software defined data center a reality. You’ll be able to build a cloud computing environment in just hours, including the features needed to operate and manage the cloud. By using virtual appliances to eliminate the binding of software to hardware, CA AppLogic enables you to offer IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and private cloud. You’ll be able to use a GUI to integrate and scale applications, without changing code or architecture. You’ll be able to quickly deploy services to new customers or departments, even across geographies.

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Can you help public sector customers take the first steps in the cloud?

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Key Features

  • Run SaaS versions of existing applications with no code modifications.
  • Assemble complex software defined data center infrastructures visually, by dragging and dropping from a catalog ready-made templates, rather than APIs.
  • Virtual business service allows you to configure, scale, and monitor cloud applications as a single entity.

Key Benefits

  • Speed up the time to create, provision, test, deploy and deliver cloud based services from months to days
  • Reduce operational expenses with built-in automation for configuring and scaling services and replicating them to additional customers or across data centers with a click of a mouse
  • Provide error-free deployment and replication of services by instantiating instances from templates instead of APIs, scripting, and manual operation

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