CA ASM2®Backup and Restore

(formerly BrightStor® CA-ASM2® Backup and Restore )

Take control of your data storage and backup.

CA ASM2 Backup and Restore (CA ASM2) helps ensure sure that your mainframe data is available when you need it. It can simplify data management and file storage. It provides tools to help storage administrators maintain backups of important data, archive unused files and automatically restore these files to a direct access storage device (DASD).

By automating laborious tasks such as DASD file backup, archive and restore, CA ASM2 can reduce the time and effort associated with mainframe data storage. It provides users with the data they need more quickly and reduces costs by freeing more active storage space. In addition, it enables you to download archives to less costly storage devices such as tape.

This solution can streamline data management and file storage as well as:

  • Protect your data investment in case of a disaster with comprehensive backup and restore facilities.
  • Automate the cleanup of unneeded files on DASD work volumes.
  • Effectively manage your data with RSVP reports on DASD and data sets.

Key Features

  • DASD file archival
  • Index + for Windows Report Definition File (IXR) Reload
  • File backup
  • $DEFRAG, Dump, Restore and Compression functions
  • Dynamic volume restore and incremental recovery

Key Benefits

  • Reduces risk
  • Saves DASD space and enhances system performance
  • Increases IT efficiency and reduces costs
  • Saves time

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