CA Date Simulator

Virtually simulate future system dates and times without impacting live systems.

CA Date Simulator is an automated date simulation tool designed to test your applications that rely on date and time logic. By simulating sensitive system date and times during the test phase, CA Date Simulator can give you the peace of mind that your applications will execute reliably in the future.

CA Date Simulator enables you to virtually test date-sensitive applications in a production-like environment without risking system interruption. This simulation can reduce risk by helping to ensure application quality and to verify that your applications will execute reliably.

By automating the testing of your applications with CA Date Simulator, your organization can benefit from:

  • Higher application quality and resource utilization
  • A reduced risk of failure and lower costs

Key Features

  • z/OS® system clock intercept
  • Critical date simulation
  • Common programming languages, clock format and time zone support

Key Benefits

  • Increases enterprise efficiency
  • Reduces the risk of downtime
  • Lowers costs associated with system failure

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31 Mar 2014
Bloor Research White Paper: CA Application Quality Management & Testing Tools 2014 Update
Bloor Research says CA Technologies is putting its commitment to automated application quality assurance and testing into practice.

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