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CA ecoGovernance

CA ecoGovernance offers a range of capabilities to manage energy and sustainability programs from strategy to execution.

CA ecoGovernance, an enterprise energy and sustainability management solution, is designed to help you accelerate the drive towards sustainability by pursuing a systematic, governed approach. It enables you to measure, report, analyze, and take action on energy, carbon, water, waste, materials and health & safety. Use assessments help you to identify where progress needs to be made, and target your investments to projects that are most likely to achieve organizational objectives. Enhance organizational efficiency, reduce costs and environmental impacts, and more effectively communicate with stakeholders. Powerful, flexible, and scalable, CA ecoGovernance helps you achieve rapid time-to-value, and meet your evolving strategic direction.

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Key Features

  • Sustainability strategy and program management
  • Sustainability project management
  • Enterprise energy and sustainability management
  • Sustainability assessments 

Key Benefits

Reduce costs, energy and water consumption, carbon impact, and environmental impact.

Comply with regulations and policies.

Manage risks and exploit opportunities.

Communicate with stakeholders.

Enhance sustainability program outcomes and reputation.