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CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap

The IT monitoring solution you deserve for free!

CA Nimsoft Monitor is a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform that IT organizations and service providers around the world rely on to manage and optimize their most critical systems and services. Now, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap lets you harness these capabilities for up to 30 devices — at no cost. That's right, it's FREE! Not a time-limited free trial, or a feature-limited free utility tool. 

With CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap, you can:

  • Stop compromising. Stop settling for stale freeware and limited, expensive, non-integrated point monitoring tools. CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap gives you robust, enterprise-class functionality in a single, unified solution for free for up to 30 monitored devices. Why pay to get less?
  • Stop managing your "management" tools. Stop doing swivel chair integration, jumping from screen to screen between multiple, non-integrated point monitoring tools. CA Nimsoft Snap consolidates multiple IT monitoring needs into a single platform that's simple to use and easy to manage.
  • Start getting immediate value. Download, deploy, monitor and report on your most critical systems in as little as an hour. Features like auto-discovery, automatic monitoring, best practice thresholds and a directed user experience will get you up and running in a snap. 

Introducing CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap: Mike Gregoire, CEO, CA Technologies

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap: Overview

Key Features

  • Unified Solution
  • Superior User Experience 
  • Unlimited Monitoring  
  • Intuitive Reporting

Key Benefits

Optimize operational efficiency. Eliminates the hassle and expense of integrating and managing multiple, disparate point monitoring tools. 

Find and fix problems faster. Dashboards, alarms and guided workflows help you quickly pinpoint and resolve issues, which will keep your end users happy and the bosses off your back.

Get immediate returns—without the investment. Benefit from improved service levels, visibility and availability—without the costs. 

Don't worry.  This is the best snap decision you'll ever make! 

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