CA Roscoe® Interactive Environment

(formerly Advantage™ CA-Roscoe® Interactive Environment )

Enhance system performance and maximize IT resources.

CA Roscoe Interactive Environment (CA Roscoe) is a comprehensive online program development system for z/OS®. It is built on a unique architecture that enables over 200 concurrent users to perform program development tasks within a single address space.

With a wide array of programming tools and an integrated procedure system, CA Roscoe helps your organization increase development productivity, enhance system performance and maximize your IT resources.

This mainframe development environment can help you enhance your overall IT cost effectiveness with:

  • A sharable set of robust, flexible built-in development tools
  • A single address space architecture to enhance system performance

Key Features

  • Single address space architecture
  • Job processing facilities
  • Integrated procedures
  • Flexible browsing and data management
  • Remote job entry management

Key Benefits

  • Enhances user productivity
  • Increases system performance
  • Reduces program development overhead

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