CA Server Automation

Automate server provisioning to improve efficiency and accelerate IT service delivery

CA Server Automation is an integrated solution that automates provisioning, patching, and configuration of operating system, storage resources and application components across physical, virtual and public cloud systems. This comprehensive solution integrates and automates provisioning processes, standardizes configurations, and simplifies workflows to successfully manage the complexity of continuously changing virtualized environments.

  • Accelerate application deployment
  • Streamline service provisioning
  • Improve server utilization
  • Build elasticity and improve operational efficiency

CA Server Automation

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Key Features

  • Multi-tier business service provisioning: Provides a unique way to package and provision services across various platforms.
  • Multiple provisioning methods: Includes unattended installation, template-based provisioning and unique rapid server imaging.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) lifecycle management: Includes self-service VM request, provisioning, utilization reporting and chargeback/showback.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline business service provisioning
  • Accelerate application deployment
  • Improve server and storage utilization

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