CA Telon® Application Generator

(formerly CA Telon®)

Design, generate and maintain mission-critical COBOL and PL/1 applications.

CA Telon Application Generator (CA Telon AG) is designed to accelerate your application development process and help you implement consistent development standards. It provides a programming platform that enables you to use high-level design specifications that minimize procedural coding and help you apply new ideas more quickly.

Because each program generated using CA Telon AG has a standard structure, programmers can instantly recognize the processing of even the most complex batch or online programs. In addition, it provides a Windows® -based interface option to support higher developer productivity.

CA Telon AG is an application development solution that can help you:

  • Build application development systems in standard languages such as COBOL and PL/1.
  • Use data from multiple systems in a parallel SYSPLEX environment.

Key Features

  • Platform independence
  • Windows-based Programmable Workstation (PWS)
  • CA Telon Design Facility (TDF)
  • Shared direct access storage device (DASD)

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes productivity
  • Aligns IT with business
  • Increases IT responsiveness
  • Increases IT efficiency

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