CA VISION:Builder®

Maximize the use of your corporate data.

CA VISION:Builder is a comprehensive application development environment designed to help you design and execute programs for database retrieval and other information processing and data manipulation tasks. Designed to maximize IT efficiency, it helps you run batch database retrievals and reports from a variety of databases automatically, simultaneously and concurrently.

CA VISION:Builder provides tools to help you develop and deploy applications that address the full scope of your application-processing requirements including loading, updating, extracting and reporting. It uses a simple programming language to help speed the delivery of new applications and conserve application development resources.

CA VISION:Builder is a data retrieval tool designed to simplify and speed the development of powerful applications with:

  • Fourth-generation, English-like programming language
  • Automatic access of many mainframe enterprise files and databases

Key Features

  • Transparent access to many supported databases
  • Output in multiple formats
  • Built-in data definition repository
  • Calculation and data manipulation operations
  • Free-form, English-like programming language

Key Benefits

  • Reduces application development resource needs
  • Accelerates availability of new applications
  • Reduces learning curve

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