Leverage mainframe data to make informed business decisions.

CA VISION:Inform is designed to help you access strategic data from anywhere in your enterprise and leverage this information to help you make informed and timely business decisions. This mainframe utility enables you to download critical data from multiple sources and automatically synchronize, match, transform, filter and summarize the results into streamlined, informative reports.

CA VISION:Inform can help your organization make the best use of all available corporate data by:

  • Merging data from several sources
  • Building and executing targeted queries

Key Features

  • Consistent access syntax for databases, tables and views
  • Combines information from multiple sources
  • Flexible formatting to populate warehouses or download to desktop
  • No need for relational database structure knowledge
  • Supports multiple database interfaces

Key Benefits

  • Requires little to no IT knowledge
  • Maximizes resource utilization
  • Minimizes system overhead

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