CA VM:Archiver™ for z/VM

(formerly BrightStor® VM:Archiver™ for VM)

Organize, track and recall your archived files.

CA VM:Archiver for z/VM (CA VM:Archiver) is designed to help you securely manage the process of archiving your content management system (CMS) files to alternate storage, including tape and disk. It helps improve efficiency with intuitive menus that facilitate organizing, recalling and monitoring your archived files. This mainframe solution also helps increase disk utilization by managing the functions of copying data to archive files and erasing the copied files from active storage.

CA VM:Archiver can support your business needs for effective record retention and recall with the ability to:

  • Invoke the archive capability for immediate or scheduled low-priority, long-term data storage.
  • Retrieve any needed data through comprehensive menu selections.

Key Features

  • Archived file management
  • File version control
  • Storage device limits
  • Recurring event scheduling
  • Efficient space usage

Key Benefits

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce wait time.
  • Enhance tape control.
  • Enhance volume utilization.

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