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CA XCOM™ Data Transport®

(formerly Unicenter® CA-XCOM™ Data Transport® )

Safeguard integrity and privacy when transferring critical data.

CA XCOM Data Transport, the premier multi-platform, multi-protocol, value added data transport solution provides high performance unattended file transfer capabilities complete with audit trails and reporting.

Key Features

CA XCOM Data Transport has adopted key Mainframe 2.0 features that are designed to simplify your use and administration of CA XCOM Data Transport and enable your staff to maintain it more effectively and quickly. CA Mainframe Software Manager™: CA Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) is designed to automate CA XCOM Data Transport acquisition, installation, deployment, configuration and maintenance and remove SMP/E complexities. CA MSM helps save time and resources when compared with the manual steps used to perform these tasks.

The Software Acquisition Service is designed to help you to more easily move product installation packages and maintenance from CA Support Online directly to your mainframe environment and prepare them for installation.

The Software Installation Service standardizes CA XCOM Data Transport installation, which includes a new, streamlined Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) method that allows CA XCOM Data Transport to be installed using standard utilities. This service also provides standardized SMP/E product installation and maintenance via AP, ARs and PTFs, and simplifies SMP/E processing through an intuitive graphical user interface and an intelligent Installation Wizard

The Software Deployment Service enables you to more easily deploy CA XCOM Data Transport in your mainframe environment and enables you to more effectively configure CA XCOM Data Transport if it has been acquired, installed, maintained and deployed using CA MSM.

Key Benefits

Reliable, cost-effective enterprise data transfer

CA XCOM Data Transport helps businesses address evolving strategic regulatory compliance issues and minimize security risks when transporting critical business data. A robust architecture, combined with innovative new features, provides IT managers with a cost-effective and flexible data transport solution designed to help movement of mission-critical data------quickly, reliably, and most important, securely.

CA XCOM Data Transport supports data transport across heterogeneous network environments and helps provide many benefits to your business: -Reliable delivery and automated transmission recovery help maintain data integrity throughout the processing environment. -Data encryption enhances protection and privacy of data transferred over public networks. -Customizable post-transfer processing allows seamless integration into business processes.


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CA XCOM™ Data Transport®
Technical Documents
CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows Server Professional Bookshelf
Technical Documents
CA XCOM Data Transport for zOS Bookshelf

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