App Centric Mobility Management

Accelerate the delivery of secure, quality mobile Apps.

To succeed in the vibrant, fast-moving and fiercely competitive application economy, you need an app-savvy partner. CA Technologies offers the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions supporting each stage of the mobile application delivery life cycle. The Application Centric Mobility Management solution from CA helps enterprises and stakeholders:

  • Secure access to mobile apps, backend APIs and the data itself (end-to-end) across apps, devices and machines without inconveniencing your end-users.
  • Accelerate delivery of quality mobile apps at lower cost and without creating new management and technical silos.
  • Optimize mobile application health, performance and end-user experience, so you can better engage and build customer loyalty for your brand.

Mobilizing your offerings and services require you to do more than recreate your existing web apps on a mobile platform. Mobility creates opportunities for a rich end-user experience through mobile-centric capabilities like geolocation or contextual awareness. But mobilizing your offerings and services shouldn’t require you to retool your entire IT infrastructure. Our solution lets you extend software delivery best practices, capabilities, and integrate mobility into your existing IT infrastructure and investments.

More than any other method of service delivery, customers and users expect a rich and value-driven experience when it comes to mobile apps. They’ve come to expect their mobile devices to be their personal assistants, improve their productivity and deliver their needs on-demand 24/7. Mobility is the new “storefront” and you want to make sure your customers don’t walk out and never return. Our solution helps you collaborate with key stakeholders in your organization across business and IT to measure, collect and make use of performance, usage and end-user experience analytics with the end goal of delivering secure, quality mobile apps that engage, delight and build customer loyalty.

Our Application Centric Mobility Management solution is both comprehensive and modular to support you, no matter where you are, on your mobility journey. From ideas to post deployment support, we have capabilities for each stage of continuous delivery. Contact us today.

Enterprise mobility done right can drive productivity and business results.

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