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Welcome to The “New Normal” in government—the transformation in IT that is being driven by the confluence of trends like cloud, virtualization and BYOD, and a rising set of expectations for all areas of the public sector to do more, with less.

CA Technologies has been a trusted partner to federal, state and local agencies for 35 years. CA Technologies software and SaaS solutions accelerate IT to deliver new products and services, transform IT to reduce complexity and free up resources, and secure data and identities to reduce risk. We do this across all environments from the datacenter to the cloud and across the complete service lifecycle.

CA Technologies offers a practical approach to help government transition from simply maintaining IT systems to delivering new, innovative services and value through IT.

Whether it’s FISMA requirements, agile application development, BYOD security and management, FDCCI or FICAM, CA Technologies has the critical solutions to help you complete the mission.

Differentiated Portfolio


Agencies can accelerate the development of new projects by gathering new ideas and aligning them with requirements, and quickly deciding which applications to move to the cloud. With Service Virtualization government agencies can dramatically reduce the cost of development projects by eliminating constraints and freeing up resources.


While budgets are shrinking government agencies need to expand services. To assure the delivery of services in the data center or in the cloud, it is imperative to monitor mission critical applications services end-to-end. Reducing energy consumption and managing carbon footprints is one way that agencies can transform the cost of operations in IT infrastructure management.


We securely enable on-line business by managing identities, providing secure authentication and controlling access to mission critical applications. Being secure means reducing cybersecurity threats, stopping improper access and managing both physical and virtual resources.

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