Workload Automation Solutions
From CA Technologies

Automating Complex Workloads With Maximum Flexibility

IoT, Big Data DevOps

IDC discusses how workload automation is evolving to address these third platform requirements.

The Future of Workload Automation

In an app economy, workload automation offers the simplicity, visibility and agility you need.

Put DevOps to work and deliver superior customer experiences. Reduce the cost and complexities of managing application workloads across physical, virtualized and cloud environments. You can do it all with Workload Automation solutions from CA Technologies.

Banco Mercantil do Brasil

Learn how Banco Mercantil improved job monitoring, increased productivity and enhanced organization operations.

Solutions for Distributed Environments

CA Workload Automation dSeries Edition (DE)

Easy to use with superior integration to CA Workload Automation ESP

CA Workload Automation AutoSys® Edition (AE)

Highly scalable, defacto standard for complex workloads

Solutions for IBM zSystemsTM Mainframes

CA Workload Automation ESP Edition

Dynamic scheduler that minimizes batch window for optimal performance

CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition

Fault-tolerant, highly available with easy-to-use UI

Get the most from your CA Solutions with our latest workload innovations.

CA Workload Automation Advanced Integration for Hadoop

Manage dependencies between Hadoop and your entire IT landscape

CA Workload Automation iDash

Powerful analytics for critical path monitoring (AE and CA 7 editions)

CA Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAPĀ®

Simplify workload management (AE edition)

CA Workload Automation Agents

Extend automation to business applications for optimal performance

Related Workload Automation Products

CA JCLCheckTM Workload Automation

Validate JCL accuracy before a job goes into production.

CA Workload Automation iXp

Optimal and simple to use user interface to CA Workload Automation AE.

CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers

Reduce repair time and eliminate failed restarts.