Workload Automation

Simplify cross-platform workload scheduling and management to lower costs.

Your company needs to ensure critical business transactions are processed on time and without errors. Failed transactions lead to lost revenue and reduced productivity. CA Workload Automation helps prevent this by enabling you to schedule and manage workload processing across your entire IT environment. Using CA Workload Automation you can update workload processing schedules in real-time to accommodate changing business requirements. You will increase IT productivity by validating schedules and finding errors before they cause production outages. You will increase resource utilization by ensuring workloads are continuously being processed.

  • Increases productivity through more efficient resource management
  • Able to change workload schedules in real time
  • Lowers IT costs by automating routine tasks
  • Prevents production errors by validating schedules

Cross Enterprise Workload Automation by Torsten Volk

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