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CA Technologies RSS feeds allow individual users who have installed a news reader (also called a “news aggregator”) to access continuously updated information on their desktop.

CA Technologies RSS feeds are XML-based. They require that you have an RSS news reader or aggregator installed on your computer. These readers are widely available as free downloads on the web today. To subscribe to a particular RSS feed, look for the orange RSS graphic in the list below and on other pages throughout this site. With your mouse, right-click on the image, then copy the URL. In your news reader, select the option that adds a new feed or channel, then paste in the URL and click OK.

The information in CA Technologies RSS feed service is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing based on currently available information. This service is provided by CA Technologies without support and your use of this service constitutes acceptance for use on an “AS IS” basis without warranties of any kind. You may not alter any information contained in the RSS feed. To the full extent permitted under applicable law, CA Technologies disclaims all liability arising from the use of, or reliance on, this service. CA Technologies reserves the right to change or withdraw this service without advance notice as well as the right to refuse the services to anyone at its sole discretion. CA Technologies reserves all rights in and to its trademarks and your right to use these trademarks is limited to providing attribution in connection therewith.

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Feed Reader RSS Feed Topic Preview/Subscribe
XMLCA Technologies on Application Performance Management Blog
Insights on Application Performance Management
XMLPerspectives: CA Technologies Corporate Blog
The latest ideas and insights from leaders at CA Technologies
XMLCA Clarity PPM Insights Blog
The latest news, insights and information on CA's Project and Portfolio Management solution
XMLThe CA Cloud Storm Chasers Blog
Hear from thought leaders about innovations in what our industry suggests will be the most beneficially disruptive model of business computing we have ever witnessed.
XMLData Management Blog
Recovery Management, Data Protection and High Availability technology insights.
XMLEnergy & Sustainability Perspectives Blog
Insights and opinions on energy, carbon and sustainability management.
XMLEXEC I/O Mainframe Blog
A discussion of what's new, stimulating and of general interest to the mainframe community
XMLThe IT Governance Evangelist Blog
Passionate advocacy for improving IT Governance processes.
XMLNews at CA
Latest news articles from CA Technologies
XMLCA Unicenter Patch Management Alerts
The latest patch updates for CA Unicenter Patch Management customers
XMLCA Press Releases
Latest press releases from CA Technologies
XMLCA Recorded Webcasts
The latest featured on-demand webcasts
XMLCA Technologies on Security Management Blog
Insight and opinion on the world of security management.
XMLCA Security Response Blog
Information about CA product vulnerabilities and general security topics
XMLCA Technologies on Service Management Blog
From Strategy to Implementation - Expert guidance on Service Management strategy and implementation
XMLCA Technologies Support Blog
Insights and opinions from CA support.
XMLCA Technologies on Virtualization and Automation Blog
Insights on transforming application and service delivery in the cloud.