(formerly eTrust® CA-ACF2™ Security)

Reliable, scalable security and streamlined administration for your mainframe.

The success of today’s business strategies depends on a reliable and cost-effective security infrastructure. Businesses need web access to their mainframe databases, but without the stress of security concerns. Consumers want their online personal information to be protected. CA ACF2 provides comprehensive security for your valuable information assets, enabling your business to fully realize the reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the mainframe.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive security
  • Operating system release support
  • Exploitation of new releases
  • Inclusive user management

Key Benefits

CA ACF2 delivers out-of-the-box access control software for z/OS operating systems, which includes interfaces for CICS, z/OS Unix (formerly known as OMVS) and IMS (and an optional add-on for DB2).

CA ACF2 mechanisms provide flexibility and control to help you monitor and adjust your security policies and accommodate virtually all organizational structures.

Administrative tools, extensive reporting options, online monitoring and automatic logging capabilities accompany CA ACF2 to secure your environment while enabling comprehensive auditing and controlled sharing of data and resources.


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CA Mainframe Security Management Solutions Brief

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