CA Advanced Authentication

Combines multi-factor credentials and risk evaluation to help avoid inappropriate access and fraud

Concern about identity theft, data breaches and fraud is increasing but at the same time organizations are feeling pressure to enable employees, partners and customers to access more sensitive information from anywhere and any device. These market dynamics make multi-factor authentication and fraud prevention critical parts of any organization’s security strategy.

CA Advanced Authentication is a flexible and scalable solution that incorporates both risk-based authentication methods like device identification, geolocation and user activity, as well as a wide variety of multi-factor, strong authentication credentials. This solution can allow the organization to create the appropriate authentication process for each application or transaction. It can be delivered as on-premise software or as a cloud service and it can protect application access from a wide range of endpoints including all of the popular mobile devices. This comprehensive solution can enable your organization to cost effectively enforce the appropriate method of strong authentication across environments without burdening end users.

CA Strong Authentication is a versatile authentication server that allows you to deploy and enforce a wide range of strong authentication methods in an efficient and centralized manner. It enables secure online interaction with your employees, customers and citizens by delivering multi-factor strong authentication for both internal and cloud-based applications. It includes mobile authentication applications and SDKs as well as several forms of out-of-band authentication.

CA Risk Authentication offers your organization multi-factor authentication that can detect and block fraud in real-time, without any interaction with the user. It integrates with any online application, including websites/portals and VPNs and analyzes the risk of online access attempts and transactions. This transparent form of multi-factor authentication utilizes contextual factors such as Device ID, geolocation, IP address and user activity information to calculate a risk score and recommend the appropriate action.

CA Advanced Authentication SaaS is a versatile authentication service that includes multifactor credentials and risk evaluation to help avoid inappropriate access and fraud. It can help you easily deploy and manage a variety of authentication methods to protect your users without the traditional implementation, infrastructure and maintenance costs.

CA Payment Security is comprised of payment industry security products. Advanced authentication techniques facilitate the safe use of payment vehicles including Card Not Present (CNP), 3-D Secure, EMV CAP/DPA, mobile wallet and mobile OTP transactions. CA Payment Security enables organizations to improve security, reduce payment fraud, and increase customer adoption and acceptance—all while reducing friction in payment transactions.

Advanced Authentication: Security that Recognizes You

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Key Features

  • Assesses risk using DeviceDNA™ fingerprinting to identify devices accessing your applications
  • Captures data in real time based on location frequency for risk analysis and reporting
  • Provides default rule sets covering typical fraud patterns that make it easy to get started
  • Supports wide variety of credentials –from passwords and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods to two-factor software and hardware tokens
  • Provides out-of-band (OOB) authentication using one-time passwords (OTPs) delivered via text, voice, or e-mail
  • Offers a wide variety of integration options such as SAML, API, and RADIUS
  • Integrates tightly with CA Single Sign-On and other web access management systems

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of inappropriate access, data breaches and attacks
  • Secures data without burdening legitimate end users
  • Blocks high-risk transactions and requires step-up authentication for suspicious activity
  • Helps meet compliance requirements such as FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI, and SOX
  • Scales with your organization’s needs

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Finalist for Best Multifactor Solution Award