CA API Developer Portal

(formerly CA Layer 7 API Portal)

Onboard and manage developers.

CA API Developer Portal is designed to help enterprises gain maximum value from APIs by establishing a complete, secure platform for developer onboarding, engagement and management. It provides tools to help make it simple to deploy a web-based portal through which developers can learn about and sign up to use enterprise APIs. CA API Developer Portal enables enterprises to speed application deployment by exposing backend systems as APIs to help developers build apps for a range of platforms. And, with capabilities to deploy multiple portals in multiple languages at once, it can help create new revenue streams from existing IT investments and expand your market reach around the world.

CA API Developer Portal can be used to manage external, internal and partner developers. It gives the enterprise simple ways to:

  • Generate interactive API documentation from industry-standard WADL files.
  • Stimulate developer communities.
  • Create localized portals.
  • Compose, orchestrate and publish APIs directly from data sources, in just a few clicks.

With CA API Developer Portal, your enterprise can help developers to create truly valuable apps by empowering them to:

  • Test API functionality through an integrated API Explorer.
  • Automatically generate client-side code in their programming languages of choice.
  • Get visibility into their API usage, activity and ranking relative to other developers.
  • Quickly and easily add single sign-on (SSO) and social login to apps.

Developer Monetization
CA API Developer Portal includes a Revenue Planner, which empowers API publishers to map out the revenue potential of charging developers for using enterprise APIs and then–with a single click–apply that revenue model to a billing system. An API Catalog is also included to provide developers with a complete overview of API resources and plans available (based on granted rights).

Additionally, the CA API Developer Portal makes it possible to:

  • Group and package APIs for easier provisioning and management.
  • Define and optionally monetize standard plans for each API.
  • Define and monetize quotas, rate limits and other fine-grained controls.
  • Collect usage metrics (for insight into performance and for billing purposes).

Lightweight or Integrated Deployment Options
CA API Developer Portal can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Basic API policies and lifecycle operations can be controlled from within the CA API Developer Portal itself. More advanced policies can be pulled dynamically from any CA API Gateway. CA API Developer Portal ships with an integrated content management system (CMS), making it simple to customize and apply corporate branding to the portal.

CA API Management SaaS
CA API Management SaaS provides a complete cloud-based solution for API management, including functionality from both CA API Developer Portal and CA API Gateway. This combined solution enables enterprises to:

  • Get to market sooner by securely exposing APIs to partner and third-party developers who have extensive mobile app development expertise.
  • Gain lower total cost of ownership by managing all design-time and runtime artifacts, reporting and API lifecycles from a single, turnkey solution.
  • Increase customer loyalty by allowing customers to access enterprise resources from their devices of choice.

API Management for the Open Enterprise

Accelerate Mobile App Initiatives with APIs

Key Features

  • Enterprise-focused solution, designed to meet the requirements of each stakeholder in an API purchasing cycle (enterprise architect, security architect, development manager and business manager), providing a single, central point through which multiple business units can manage their own APIs
  • Partner, developer, mobile, and cloud access addressed in one product
  • Deployable on-premises or as SaaS
  • Automatic creation of interactive API documentation
  • Support for both external and internal developer groups
  • Portal localization functionality
  • Empowers developers to automatically generate client-side code
  • Simplifies the addition of SSO to client apps

Key Benefits

  • Increase revenues by expanding reach to emerging platforms and new markets.
  • Decrease costs by minimizing technology investments and increasing efficiencies.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction by making it simple for customers and partners to interact with your organization from their devices of choice.

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