CA API Developer Portal

(formerly CA Layer 7 API Portal)

Onboard and manage developers.

To get maximum value from their APIs, enterprises need ways to attract, onboard and manage developers. The CA API Developer Portal delivers a complete, secure platform for developer onboarding, engagement and management.

Developer On-boarding

The CA API Developer Portal helps enterprises get their APIs in front of developers, quickly. It provides a Web-based developer portal through which developers can:

  • Discover what APIs are available.
  • Test the functionality of APIs.
  • Learn best practices from other developers.
  • Self-enroll to publisher-defined API account plans.
  • Obtain API keys.
Developer Enablement

The API portal can be used to manage both external and internal developers. It gives publishers ways to:

  • Document APIs.
  • Stimulate developer communities (for example by creating forums).
  • Test the functionality of APIs through an integrated API explorer.
  • Provide developers with visibility into their API usage, activity and ranking relative to other developers.
Developer Monetization

Additionally, the API portal can empower API publishers to:

  • Compare developers.
  • Define service plans.
  • Collect usage metrics (for insight into performance and for billing purposes).
Lightweight or Integrated Deployment Options
  • Basic API policies and lifecycle operations to be controlled from within the API portal itself. More advanced policies can be pulled dynamically from any CA Layer 7 API Gateway. 
  • The API portal ships with an integrated content management system (CMS) for easier customization and corporate skinning.
  • Cloud and on-premises deployments are available.
  • The API portal is also available pre-integrated with CA Technologies API Proxy and API Service Manager. This API Portal Suite delivers a full API Management solution.

API Management for the Open Enterprise

Accelerate Mobile App Initiatives with APIs

Key Features

  • Address the requirements of each stakeholder in an API purchasing cycle.
  • Get one product that can address partner, developer, mobile, and cloud access.
  • The API portal is deployable on premise.
  • It allows each business unit in an organization to publish and manage their own APIs on a single, central portal.
  • It allows developers to automatically generate client-side code in their programming language of choice.
  • The API portal automatically creates interactive documentation from industry-standard WADL files.
  • It supports both external and internal developer groups.

Key Benefits

  • Increased revenues by expanding market reach to emerging platforms and more mobile devices.
  • Decreased costs by reducing technology costs and increasing efficiencies.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by allowing your customers and partners to interact with your organization from their device of choice.

CA Technologies Positioned as a Forrester Leader for API Management – Q3 2014

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