CA API Gateway

(formerly CA Layer 7 API Gateway)

Get industry-leading gateways for partner, developer, mobile, cloud and M2M access.

The industry-leading family of API gateways from CA Technologies offers unmatched flexibility, performance and security. Building on the foundation of its industry-leading SOA application gateway technology for exposing, securing and managing backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs, CA Technologies has added critical mobile, cloud and REST composition features. With this additional functionality, CA API Gateways represent the best available solution for enterprises looking to open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices.

CA API Gateway features include:

  • Integrated Web, mobile and XML firewalling
  • Backend SOA connectivity across databases, applications, mainframes and middleware
  • Protocol transformation from legacy to REST and JSON
  • Advanced SAML, OAuth and XACML identity and access capabilities
  • Military-grade security certifications
  • Customizable API composition and virtualization capabilities
  • Cloud, mobile and social connectivity for simplified orchestration with outside services
  • SDK and API readiness for easy extensibility
  • Built-in clustering and availability features
  • Unmatched SLA and mobile optimization functionality

The CA Technologies family of API gateways is comprised of the following editions:

  • API Proxy
    Offers the core functionality for API security and orchestration
  • XML Firewall
    Connects securely and seamlessly with SaaS applications and other cloud services
  • SOA Gateway
    Delivers full functionality for enterprise-level API management and SOA governance
  • CA Mobile API Gateway
    Adds features for OpenID Connect, SSO, social login, notifications and PhoneGap

All CA API Gateways are available in hardware, virtual appliance, software and Amazon Machine Image form factors.

API Management for the Open Enterprise

Your New Digital Business and APIs

Key Features

  • Security: The API gateway passed rigorous vulnerability tests, and integrates with any popular IAM system with support for OAuth, SAML and RADIUS.
  • Performance and scale: Clustered architecture allows linear scalability across multiple gateways, with automatic failover.
  • Manageability: The gateway handles migrations across dev/test/production with global management tools, and integrates enterprise BI, analytics, and reporting tools.
  • Flexibility: It offers multiple form factors deployment models with support for a wide range of platforms. Provides protocol bridging across legacy and new systems, and includes content-based routing.
  • Extensibility: It features a plug-in framework to add new transports and identity providers, and deep integration with enterprise management and BI products.

Key Benefits

  • Centrally manage and secure corporate assets.
  • Prioritize traffic to help ensure APIs remain available and responsive.
  • Create APIs that contain subsets/supersets of API functionality.
  • Translate between legacy and new applications and data.

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