CA Mobile API Gateway

(formerly CA Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway)

Secure and manage enterprise-level mobile APIs.

The CA Mobile API Gateway helps simplify the process of adapting internal data, application functionality and security infrastructure for mobile use. This low-latency middleware appliance provides a central point for controlling enterprise policies that secure and manage information assets exposed via mobile-friendly APIs. CA Mobile API Gateway helps solve mobile-specific challenges around API composition, security, identity, adaptation, optimization and integration.

The CA Mobile API Gateway is designed to help your enterprise create apps that support bring-your-own-device (BYOD), enable innovative business strategies and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). And it provides a manageable system for exposing backend data and application functionality in formats that can easily be consumed by mobile developers as well as the apps they create.

The CA Mobile API Gateway empowers enterprises to:

  • Safely and reliably externalize legacy systems in mobile-ready formats.
  • Make it easy for developers to apply strong security to their apps.
  • Ensure that security does not impact the seamless experience users expect from mobile.
  • Manage a broad range of app types (native, HTML 5, hybrid, internal, third-party, etc.).

Secure backend systems and ensure seamless access for authorized users.

The Gateway comes with a Mobile SDK for enterprise app developers, which enables:

  • Secure consumption of backend APIs through configuration of mutual SSL between the Gateway and the mobile device
  • Single sign-on (SSO) to mobile apps via enterprise IAM systems or social login to maintain a seamless end-user experience
  • Simplified utilization of key standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect and PKI, as well as underlying operating system security, in app SSO
  • Access to client-side libraries for iOS 6 and Android 4, plus sample code and documentation, further simplifying the implementation of app SSO
  • Management of client apps in one place via the Mobile SSO Reference App, to deliver SSO across app types
  • Samsung KNOX integration, making it possible to create policy assertions requiring device integrity and app containerization checks as conditions of API access

API Management for the Open Enterprise

Accelerate Mobile App Initiatives with APIs

Key Features

  • Adaptation: Externalize backend application services and data as RESTful mobile APIs.
  • API security: Protect REST, SOAP and OData APIs against denial-of-service (DoS) and API attacks.
  • Cryptography: Enforce mutual SSL-based security for API consumption.
  • Identity and access: Implement app authentication, social login and SSO with OAuth and OpenID Connect.
  • Integration: Centralize connectivity between social networks, cloud services and notification services.

Key Benefits

  • App development acceleration: Quickly expose legacy systems to developers as mobile-friendly APIs.
  • End-to-end security: Secure all data traffic between apps, APIs and backend information assets.
  • Convenient app access: Enable app users to sign in just once in order access multiple enterprise apps.
  • Backend protection: Apply granular user, app and device polices to protect APIs against attack and misuse.
  • Performance optimization: Maximize performance and scalability with caching and cloud integration.

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