CA Mobile API Gateway

(formerly CA Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway)

Get mobile security & management for the enterprise.

Enterprises are facing a growing range of opportunities and challenges related to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets. Increasingly, enterprises are finding that, to maximize competitiveness and efficiency, they need to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), workforce mobility and customer preferences by opening backend data and application functionality to mobile devices.

CA Mobile API Gateway simplifies the process of adapting internal data, application and security infrastructure for mobile use. The CA Mobile API Gateway provides a centralized way to control security and management policies for information assets exposed, via APIs, to mobile developers and apps.

Adapt, Optimize and Integrate with Ease

The Mobile API Gateway is lightweight, low-latency mobile middleware with integrated security and management controls designed to help enterprises safely and reliably expose internal assets to developers and remote apps, as mobile APIs. The gateway solves critical, mobile-specific challenges around:

  • Identity
  • Security
  • Adaptation
  • Optimization 
  • Integration

Secure Backend Systems and Ensure Seamless Access for Authorized Users

The gateway comes with a Mobile SDK for enterprise app developers, which enables:

  • Secure consumption of backend APIs through configuration of mutual SSL between the Gateway and the mobile device
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) to mobile apps via enterprise IAM systems or social login, to maintain a seamless end user experience

The Mobile SDK implements key standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect and PKI and leverages the underlying security in mobile operating systems, making it easier for developers to add SSO to their apps. The SDK offers client-side libraries for iOS 6 and Android 4, plus sample code and documentation.

API Management for the Open Enterprise

Accelerate Mobile App Initiatives with APIs

Key Features

  • Externalize services and data as modern and RESTful mobile APIs.
  • OAuth and OpenID delivers mobile app authentication, social login and SSO.
  • Cryptography-based security is offered for API consumption.
  • Protect REST, SOAP and OData APIs against DoS and API attacks.
  • Cache calls to backend applications, minimize bandwidth and improve user experience.
  • Centralize connectivity between social networks, cloud services and notification services.

Key Benefits

  • Adapt backend services into mobile-ready APIs while externalizing to developer communities.
  • Protect the mobile app through transmission to the backend.
  • Authenticate once and gain access to multiple apps with SSO and social login.
  • Get granular risk-based user, app and device polices with API threat protection.
  • Maximize performance and scale with app caching, cloud integration and notification services.

CA Technologies Positioned as a Forrester Leader for API Management – Q3 2014

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