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Service Assurance solutions

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Ensure consistently successful customer interactions with Business Service Reliability

The world has changed. Technology empowered customers with high expectations and little patience are calling the shots. Their unhappy experiences are far more likely to be broadcast via social channels than suffered in silence. The correlation between customer experience and business outcomes has never been stronger, or more direct.

Nearly every customer interaction is fueled by technology and IT plays a critical role. The imperative to improve customer experience drives new demands for IT to “be more customer-centric.” Defining IT success in terms of technology component availability is becoming less effective, and increasing the pressure on IT to transform. But IT transformation requires more than a mandate to “be more customer-centric.” Developing an IT vision and strategy to effectively support this business imperative requires an entirely new set of approaches and tools.

Business Service Reliability is CA Technologies’ approach to helping IT transform by providing a clearly defined framework for managing and measuring customer interactions. Our formulaic approach includes pragmatic methodologies for quantifying key success metrics that enable IT to concentrate on making sure every customer interaction is successful. Business Service Reliability helps IT to redefine their priorities, to become active participants in the search for new ways to create and deliver value and drive long term competitive business advantage.

Service Assurance solutions from CA Technologies’ form the foundation for Business Service Reliability, providing IT with the capabilities they need to:

  • Manage operations from a services rather than a component perspective
  • Measure success based on how customers’ perceive their interactions with high impact services
  • Simplify and streamline traditional IT management models by collapsing operational silos or domains
  • Apply powerful analytics to translate IT “big data” into actionable Operational Intelligence


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