SiteMinder platform support matrix for all SiteMinder components

Reset Your Password

Unable to login to CA Agile Central

Installing and using packet capture tools for the 8-series of the Layer 7 Gateway

How to find z/OS 2.2 Compatibility information

Downloading the Latest Version of ApplyPtf and Applying Maintenance to CA Output Management Web Viewer 11.5

Preparation for removal of Default OMVSUSR and OMVSGRP

DBUTLTY INIT AREA=xxx,DBID=nnnnn fails with Datacom RC 76(012)


No output is generated when running autosys command in ECLI

How iXp communicate with WAAE to close an alarm ?

How to acknowledge alarm using Autosys command

Is it possible to set the spell checker per user role?

How to update database password for CCC

CA IDMS SQL option not using CALC keys

"Canet: error 86" "The specified network password is not correct" ERROR: OS Image share ....... is not available.

How do you debug warning 1353 in retrofit job?

Product or Maintenance Installation Fails with GIM44004S ** SYSTEM ABEND B37 / D37 / E37

CIA Real Time -530 SQL Error

Service Management Mobile APP: No response from Server. Please contact your administrator

How to configure a service to access vSphere 5.5 on CA PAM

CA PPM App Services doesn't start

Change expiration date for file that has been archived.

Change ownership of an archived file.

What Causes a CA Deliver RMOSTC Task RMOSTC39 (U0039) Error, and What Can be Done to Resolve the Condition?


Does the U11-060 message indicate a problem in CA Workload Automation Restart Options for z/OS Schedulers?

JVMDUMP039I Processing dump event "systhrow", detail "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError"

CA ENF task getting CAS9340I error

Can you add GIDs to GROUPS like in RACF?

'R-ACCESS' Column Blank in TSSUTIL report for CICS Resources

How to purge the JMO tracking file with SQL queries?

How to find z/OS Compatibility Matrix information for CA Mainframe Products?

How to upgrade CA ENF to Datacom/AD 15.0

How to resolve QBE.EQ.REF_NUM Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability with CA Service Desk Manager 12.9/14.1 URL?

Reinitialize replication in a multi-node cluster

How can I find the Life Cycle information - GA Date, Version, End of Support (EOS) Date, etc. - for my CA Top Secret products?

How to use the CAZIPXP utility to unzip your .CAZ file

How to find z/OS 2.2 Compatibility information

Advanced Reporting - Support Technical Document Index

CA API Management Gateway: Certificate-related errors in audits and logs

CA UIM (Nimsoft) Database Best Practices for MS SQL Server

Reset Missing or Forgotten EiamAdmin Password in EEM 12.x

Shrinking MySQL ibdata file

Latest Applyptf

Troubleshooting Gateway application failures, performance concerns, and service outages

Handle leak affecting multiple ITCM components on versions r12.9 and r14.0.

Where can I find IBM z13 hardware compatibility information for my Solve and NetMaster products?

CA Service Desk Manager Performance Problems - Quick Checklist

What are the possible handshake errors in policy server?

How to debug InstallAnywhere when installing UIM

Database Cleanup: Orphaned Discovered Software Records caused by Coracleanup

hub and tunnel connection settings in 7.x

Dual Netflow Stream Causing Bogus Interfaces

How to reset discovery in CA UIM 8.10 or later

Configuring and installing the binary log management script on the CA API Gateway appliance

I am preparing to implement z/OS 2.1 with ACF2 R15. IBM announced that BPX.DEFAULT.USER was being removed at this release. What do I need to do to setup my system so that I can remove the default UID and GID from the ACF2 GSO UNIXOPTS record?

How to reset EDIT/EXEC super users in autosys_secure

Enabling SNMP monitoring in the CA API Gateway

How do I increase the logging level in the Service Desk stdlog?

How to Migrate Netqos Performance Center(NPC) to a New Server

Configuring and installing the audit record maintenance script

SMAUTHREASON reason code document (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 176074)

oracle probe connection errors: Create OCI environment failed with rc = -1 or OCIEnvCreate failed with rc = -1

CA Workload Control Center Error: E131013 Job not collected in WCC.

Using SSO with the CA Agile Central Excel add-in

[MTP] Manual Vertica Database Rebuild Procedure

Working with CA Support To Troubleshoot a "Crashing" or "Hanging" CA Service Desk Manager Process

CA Agile Central Ribbon Tab Missing from Excel with CA Agile Central Add-in Installed

What queries are used by the oracle probe?

What to do when the EZTVFM file is full

Clarity: When jobs are still not running after deleting stuck records in job scheduler tables

SiteMinder Installation and How To Integrate in CA SSO Cookbook

Basic Content Import Client Support and Troubleshooting Playbook.

Detailed CORA Trouble-Shooting Guide

Ca Agile Central, KanBan, and Agile

Export Test Case Steps

z/OS 2.2 compatability and toleration requirements

Clarity has a vulnerability to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

USM error: com.firehunter.ump.exceptions.DataFactoryException : null

How to download CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) components

In CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) 12.9 Cumulative Patch #1, not able to add "Attachment Servlet Path" to a server's settings from the CA SDM GUI.

How to address "Delayed Server Response Message" in Service Desk web interface.

What is my upgrade path to the latest version 8.47

Creating an “Idea” (Enhancement Request)

How to submit an Idea (Enahncement/Feature request) for CA Performance Management

Compiling a CA Ideal program gives error IDADERRP23E - INTERR: Internal LIB error SRVC=VLS FUNC=SCAN RC=008 PGM=SCPSMAIN14.0 LIB=ADROUT

API Gateway: Compatibility with the API Developer Portal and Mobile API Gateway

When will support be dropped or discontinued for my CA XCOM Data Transport product?

How to unlink a Domain Manager and Enterprise Server via SQL queries if doing so through the DSm Explorer fails.

Error: "AHD04013:Internal error in method (got_ldap_domset): LDAP agent not found" In STDLogs When Logging Into SDM Using NTLM or SSO or IIS

Convert a single Gateway database node into a clustered Gateway database pair

CA Log Analyzer DDL report fails with: PFR0067E - ALLOCATE FAILED FOR ARCHIVE LOG DATA

Excel Plugin - Validation error when importing display name, user name, e-mail address

CA Service Desk Manager (Service Desk) and MS SQL Server Performance

The Service Desk Manager Connector fails to function when SSL is enabled for Service Desk Manager

What are the proper procedures to follow if I need to back out RO54507?

Best Practices for Options Manager Changes in a Service Desk Manager (SDM) Advanced Availability (AA) Installation

Define CA Datacom/AD 14.0 Multi-User Facility (MUF) for Use with CAIENF 14.1

Error: "ERR_SSL_WEAK_SERVER_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY" in Firefox and/or Chrome When Trying To Load Service Desk Manager Using SSL In Firefox And/Or Chrome

Preparation for implementation of CA Advanced Authentication Mainframe (AAM) or IBM’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support

How to configure SDM with SSL when using IIS with SSL?


Managing user accounts on the CA API Gateway

Force Agent Registration

Unable to obtain a SECFILE Lock.

Adjusting Log Levels for Individual Java Classes

SpectroSERVER continuously running very high (100%) CPU

Using CAMODID command to display maintenance information about your load module

Dynamic Groups do not remain populated in UMP 8.31 - UGS probe creates expensive SQL queries

We are not able to install any Options in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM). The status of the option remains as "In Progress". The CA SDM installation may present errors as well.

CAPC to NFA sync fails with the error "Flatten failed on Interface ---> MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Timeout expired."

How to enable/disable the DSM/ITCM WAC (Web Admin Console) traces and where are they created?

When using CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Reports, strange special/non-printable characters are seen in the Query filter prompts. How to resolve this?

EEM r12.x Uninstall and Cleanup

EEM Cluster Primary, Secondary Synchronization Problem SafeException: EE_SPONSORERROR

How to Resolve Unique Constraint Errors Generated by the nhiReplDriver Process

What is the CA ACF2 setup for SMP/E for z/OS Internet Service Retrieval Setup?

Using Action Trace

User Name Conflict

Citrix NetScaler Information sub view not populated for Cisco Netscaler devices

Does CVE-2015-2808 affect eHealth?

Defragmentation of NimsoftSLM database

Why and how to use REPORT work files

IBM z13 processor compatibility for CA Easytrieve

An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List.

The usage of NX_SREL_BLOCKS_TIMEOUT to improve Performance in CA Service Desk Manager

Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail

"Error AHD05072: Security settings prevent viewing this record" and request not saved/created by Employee user.

How to take an ILOM snapshot on an Oracle Sun Fire Server

GMU Tool : Basic migrateOut and migrateIn Examples

Windows 10 Certification Agent Patch RO88134

Gateway is already part of the jGroups cluster. Join rejected

After Configuring Spectrum for SSL it now shows "Unable to Contact" in the CAPC data source list

Error: Invocation of command 'nhiDciMerge' failed.

R12.52 SP1 CR5 Secure Proxy Server crashes

I want to share the same personal digital certifcate and keyring with two client/server applications. How can this be done?

When using Infrastructure Deployment how do I reinstall the a version that is already installed ?

Job Container Build Failed

How to identify and drop obsolete CA DB2 Objects after an upgrade of the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS tools.

How do you do a GENCERT with a Subject Altname of an IP Address?

Visual Studio 2013 IDE plugin

CA WA System Agent service will not stay up. Error: Exception in thread "MainThread" cybermation.agent.CybAgentDriver$CybAgentInstantiationError: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to read raw key

URL Response Probe Fails To Start On Linux Robot

AgentWaitTime Explained

Best Practice for PDM_OPTIONS_MGR Changes in a Service Desk Manager (SDM) Advanced Availability (AA) Installation

Unable to compile class for JSP

How to resolve an SEAD, SEFD, or other SExx abend at startup

Modules that must be loaded from an authorized library for zIIP.

What does the alarm "You have exceeded your QoS license by objects" mean?

LDAP Troubleshooting Basics

Managing the Gateway appliance privileged (root) account

UPM Patch Download Error - peer not authenticated

CAUAJM_E_10029 returned by chk_auto_up

Does CA Scheduler Job Management require the CAIENF Datacom database?

Spectrum Hotfix patch H01 for 9.3 - fixes and enhancements - Part 1

What is the difference between camsave config, camsave persist and camsave explicit

"DEVICE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING TO POLLS" alarm on VMware Virtual Machine pingable models in Spectrum even though you can ping the model

Gateway incorrectly routes request messages using the "multipart/form-data" content type

I am planning on implementing RDz-Rational Developer for System z, is there an ACF2 setup job equivalent to the RACF FEKRACF job?

CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM) Support Announcement

What Is The ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) For CA Top Secret?

What is the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for the CA Spool product?

Access Denied to autosys_secure

UMP - No metrics available displayed for many nodes

EEM error EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed

NFA 9.1.2 Polling Issues

After time-zone change on APM EM cluster CEM Reports lose historical data & errors ORA-02149 & ORA-14401 exist in Stats Aggregation EM log.

Timesheet Population (What determines tasks appearing on a timesheet)

All ITCM 12.5 GA components are subject to a critical issue which can render the product completely non-functional after roughly one year of operation. Enterprise/Domain/Scalability Servers and Agent machines on Win/AIX/Linux all can be affected.

CAIRIM r14.1 fails to initialize and issues message - CAS9125E - INVALID DATA: * SEVERE ERROR PARMLIB DD. CHECK CAIRIM USAGE

CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) Web interface gives this error in response to login attempts: ISE_BACKENDDOWN backend is down. Or CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) services will not start.

How do I define the CA-Examine resource CLASS=CAEXAMIN to my external security manager ACF2? What would a sample rule look like?

Installing Platform Updates for the CA API Security and Management product suite

Api Key and Oauth Client FAQ

Single Sign-On (SSO)

When trying to login to NFA 9.3.3 I receive HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /sso/sign-in-process.jsp'.

How to configure email on CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) using the TLS option, when you get the following errors: Error (15) Failed to find the CA certificate / Error (13) Certificate name does not match?

API Gateway Policy Manager access fails with "Inactivity timeout reached" message immediately upon login

Although I expected that when an FTP connection from MS-Dos or a similar platform is done, a check for the port access is performed in the SERVAUTH class, this is not the case.

TFS Connector Installation Guide

What are the supported versions of Open Workbench for Clarity 12.1.x to 13.2?

What causes "Zombie" Connection messages in the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) STDLOGs?

How to set the base/starting ticket number used by CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

What are the possible values of http_sm_authreason variable (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 184443)

How to change the hostname of the eHealth server (Legacy KB ID CNC TS9672 )

Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) using WAFFLE for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) using Tomcat Web Server

Best practices to upgrade WCC from 11.3.5 to 11.4 SP1

Where is the 'CA LDAP Server for z/OS Implementation Guide'?

CPU, Disk and Memory probe (cdm) Technical Brief

How to Add and Configure a "Web Services Domsrvr"

What to do when getting messages CAS9180E/CAS9012A/CAS9013A permissions with more than one collector on the same machine

"Error in checkin_done" when trying to add new database column using Web Screen Painter (Schema Designer)

AutoSys Fails to start in High Availability

Alternative Method of Creating a Duplicate CA Datacom Environment

Changing the SYSVIEW default SMF record from type 255.

How to submit an Idea (Enhancement/Feature request) for CA PPM

When trying to use CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler to access Approvals/Analyst capability or trying to use CA Service Desk Manager's REST API, we get an HTTP error 404 Not Found

Force a Password Reset

Error when upgrading eHealth

Minimum release level for z/OS 2.1 support

How to change the encrypted database password in file $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV

OneClick is missing "DEVICE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING TO POLLS" alarms in the Alarm Tab

ETL Job Finished Successfully. Could not login to Jaspersoft, domains could not get updated for customizations.

How to perform a software delivery cleanup using WinOffline.

CA Log Analyzer job under DB2 11 Extended RBA fails with message LAE0181I GEN0298E Converted DB2 BSDS. How can this be addressed?

Requirements for Performance Management Certification Request

Why does my NFA stop displaying data for a router if it cannot be SNMP polled?

Where can I find my old cases in CA Support Online?

Migrator Error in NFA after 9.3.1 Harvester Install because of hidden G Registry folder directory

CA Top Secret for z/OS when starting SDSF address space. receiving: ISF024I NOT AUTHORIZED TO SDSF, NO GROUP

When attempting to uninstall CA Unified Self Service via Windows Control Panel -> Programs and Features, receive an error "Fatal Application Error" and then the Uninstaller quits. How to resolve this?

Where can I find detail information on new v18 Approver Disqualification Option?

CA NFA DNS/SNMP Proxies service will not start up

Securing TCPIP Ports with the SERVAUTH Resource Class

Copying an entire Panlib to a PDS when the Members Contain ++INCLUDEs


How to restore the attachments that are attached to the requests/change orders/issues after an archive/purge is run?

Setting up CA Workload Automation EE (ESP) backup and recovery.

Using ACLs and Session Data with Password Phrases

Unable to log into Web Screen Painter

Removing an existing Enterprise Service Manager certificate from a Gateway cluster

Disabling audits in the Layer 7 Gateway

CA Agile Central (ALM) Outage

Import Data to Your Subscription

How to Export Your Entire Subscription Data

APM logs and how to enable Debug.

Dirty COW Vulnerability

Unable to execute an Autosys command thru ECLI WCC

How to switch From SQL Server Authentication to Windows/Integrated Authentication

CA platinum tools R15 through R18 compatible with z/os 2.1

SP-Initiated POST request results in 400 Error

Clarity: Scheduled jobs stuck in waiting or scheduled status

How can I locate my active LMP keys for CA-1?


How to unlock WSP?

CAM Communication problem when using port 4105 (TCP).

Commands unifstat, unisrvcntr and unicntrl fail with: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Is CA Panvalet affected by the Leap second?

Tips about incremental release since Endevor 18.0

Removing audit records from the Gateway database in a multi-node cluster without downtime

Understanding the Certificate settings in EEM UI

Where is DB2 Compatibility information?

Overview of CA Agile Central TFS Connectors

Jobs are stuck in STARTING status with "Waiting for initiator" in the job detail report.

How to resolve the common causes of installation failures for CA client Automation Domain Managers.

ENTITYRESOLVER and Data truncation ERROR in OneClick

autosyslog -J -tE gives error "CAUAJM_E_50138 No agent files found for job "

How to enable logging on web services within Service Desk

CA Client Automation Configuration and State Management agent (ccsmagt) not starting

How to Move the MDB From a Local to a Remote Instance of SQL

Is there a tool I can use to test CA Service Desk Manager REST Web Service functions?

Using the CICS Operation Facility (COF) component under CA OPS/MVS release 12.3

I just installed Compliance Event Manager and I am getting error 'LDP6514E Unable to compile SELECT SQL sqlite statement errcode=(1) errmsg=(no such table: ACTION)' when signing on to the new UI, what causes this?

In AlarmNotifier we would like for the Probable Cause field to display what is being shown in the AlarmTitle.

How To Export and Import EEM Policies (using the GUI)

How to change Java version for CA Endevor Webservices

Using the MSP New XML Driver, Changes made to Projects offline will not Save back to PPM if the project is saved on a directory other than the Default

BOPAUTH_NXD process terminates unexpectedly and repeatedly with an EE_BADOBJECT error message

NCM SSH/SCP fails to copy Cisco 6500 running-config file

CA Support Statement for VMWare

CA XCOM Data Transport Installation Update for Oracle Solaris with Zones

How to prevent the agent from running for each logged in user or whenever the users log in?

Back Up and Restore Unicenter Service Catalog, Unicenter Service Accounting and Unicenter Service Metric Analysis/Assure

How may we identify performance issues in Service Desk and what type of data is helpful to Support to resolve these issues?

How to log activity on a customised field?

How to setup AUTOSYS to send standard SNMP traps to another machine running CA-NSM Enterprise Management?

How to destroy and recreate the ehealth database.

Is there a way to get a message to go to the SYSLOG when we run out of virtual terminals (TPXL0037) so that we can automate notification of this situation?

How to localize smpwservices.fcc with SiteMinder?

How to move from Hypersonic JBoss 5 messaging database to MSSql or to Oracle in an Identity Manager 12.5 context.

Validation of Autosys server produces Error E190106 Cannot connect to the remote service - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Database: How to use SQL to Query Computer Inventory from the Database

autoping -m fails

How to manually regenerate the httpd.conf

Abend detection and Timed functions within a DC/UCF System

Avoiding the messages TPXL5130 and TPXL5131 being written into the TPXLOG

Trying to download Eclipse Plugin for Harvest SCM 12.6, but it doesn't appear anymore, where could I find it ?

Is there any procedure to upgrade the PAM releases?

Unable to start the Layer 7 Gateway: Error creating bean with name 'jmsBootProcess'

I am running a CA Software Asset Manager cron job. The Effective Demand report shows error: A data import is currently running. This process is locked until it has finished.

How works WebAgent ACO parameter CustomIPHeader

Unable to launch the Policy Server Management Console

Filtering Network Adapters from CORA Registration (Slow Engine Collect of Computer Registrations, Slow Engine Replication & Synchronization)

What is the Meaning of the alarm: Insert bulk failed due to a schema change of the target table

How to submit an Idea (Feature Request) to the CA UIM User Communities

qos_processor_qos_message queue becomes very large

How to move from Derby to MS-SQL database for CA Workload Control Center (CA WCC)

Placing the monitoring collector in debug

Startup of Event Management failed with error 4

Cannot browse for unit for the Project Department OBS field

The CA Connection Broker service terminated with service-specific error 3 (0x3).

TLS Encryption Errors when connecting an R12.8 Endpoint to an R12.5 SP1/C1 Endpoint.

How to Manage Identity Manager Tasks Stuck In-Progress - notes for IM 12.5 / IM 12.6 versions

Why the input components for a C++ element are not shown in the component list?

Getting error stating remote control management server is not available after an upgrade

PTF RO67544 for CA Datacom/DB Version 15.0 upgrades requires DDUPDATE and DDCFBLD actions.

CA Performance Center (CAPC) Spectrum Integration Discovery functionality details

If an Endevor member is deleted; can it be recovered?

CA Spectrum's OneClick Tomcat process has high cpu. Eventually it experiences a memory leak and crashes.

HOLDATAs Downloading HOLDDATA and ++ASSIGN statements


Unable to attach files from secondary servers.

Video: How to add a datafile to eHealth.

What is Sampled Netflow or Sampling in RA/NFA

Warning: Length of Relay state URL is greater than 80 characters.

Installation of SystemEdge fails and gives message Installation failed - lsm returned with exit code 7

Resolving Problems installing the Java JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files package

What do I do if Discovered Software on the Domain Manager is not Present on the Enterprise Server ?

Smart Instrumentation cross-process automatic trace affects Application Operations

How to install Systedge Agent from command line on a Unix Server.

Error is seen when running the Service Management 14.1 installer when using a named instance of SQL Server:

Unable to locate administrator user in the corporate directory

How to remove CA-wcc-db service

Computer Identification: Everything you need to know about the HostUUID and computer uniqueness in Client Automation.

Xtraction users with the Enterprise Designer role are not able to edit report schedules for other Xtraction users.

Unable to log in Service Desk with any user, a time out always occur

SPC-OCP-10033: Could not connect to the Location Server on XXXXXX

How to change the Host name of an EEM server

Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries needed by SiteMinder

No Device Name is showing in Router Name

Is CA Panvalet Leap Year compliant?

MTP collector has stopped. Maybe your MTP system is down due to a power outage.

How does the new Data Retention Service work?

What does UseEncryption=0 mean?

Installing the DSM Reporter on a standalone machine

Common Services for z/OS r14.1 customers upgrading to either a ZEC12, ZBC12, z13, or Z13s processor may receive a “CATHW03W Machine type xxxx unknown” message issued from the CA Master Address Space during an IPL.

Regenerating tables in NetVoyant

How to download and install all available maintenance for CA Endevor SCM?

Service Overview: CA PPM SaaS

API Gateway: HTTP "400 Bad Request" Error Shown When the Request Header is Too Large

How to configure LDAP in CA UIM (Nimsoft) hub to integrate with AD authentication

Policy Server log showing error "Connection not open"

How to get pdm_ldap_sync to synchronize the ldap-enabled/disabled status with contact's active/inactive status in servicedesk?

CAUAJM_E_10527 Timed out waiting for response returned by autorep on Linux RedHat 7.2


Critical Option to configure in Options Manager for Performance Improvement: Monitor Joins

Error #2 trying to start Apache Tomcat as a service with CA Output Management Web Viewer for Windows

When uninstalling CA EEM Server, some components are not removed.

Applying a testfix using Applyptf on multiple UNIX machines by creating a package.

How to install or upgrade an Agent or Scalability Server using Deploywrapper (Deploywrapper.exe)?

alarm_enrichment probe queue keeps falling behind/queuing

Instal CA Vantage SRM Windows Client B871 plus apply Patch 2.

API Gateway version information still shows the previous version after successful upgrade

CA Embedded Entitlements Manager: Available ciphers for the new cipherlist tag

GSV2328E (MAIN) Read SCFGLIB member GSVXGSVX failed. Dsn allocation failed GSVX205E (MAIN) Nucleus load failed, reason 23 read failed for system configuration GSVX572E (MAIN) MAIN task initialization failed

Scheduler on a windows machine is down and when tried to restart it gives listener could not be started messages

Can I do anything else to reduce the amount of data in the Service Desk database, apart from running archive/purge?

Most Common Issues When Working with Scoreboard

Import Financial Actuals job does negative transactions that can cause Project actuals to be out of sync

MENA8046 Missing Default Dynamic Profile, Notify TPX Admin

CA Spectrum install fails on Windows 2012

About detail of Shared Secret between WebAgent and Policy Server.

Monitoring the Physical Appliance Health via SNMP Traps

Rally Connector for Jenkins is Not Creating Changeset(s)

User Lockouts

How Do I Contact Support for Issues With Agile Zen?

How to Manually Set Your Password

Best Practices for Monitoring CA Nimsoft Server (self-health monitoring)

A guide to troubleshooting maileater issues, with a primer on extended logging.

"Unable to verify tryno count" error

how do I manually create objects in IIS for DSM Web Admin Console for CA Client Automation?

How do you change the default data source within Xtraction?

Receive "Old CA SystemEDGE version is not compatible" error when installing/upgrading SysEDGE 5 on UNIX/Linux

SAMStore DB Migration procedure


How to change EEM(Embedded Entitlements Manager) Password in WCC (CA Workload Automation) environment.

How can I use the NT Authentication feature to connect to a ODBC MS SQL Database from the Policy Server?

How to determine if a NetFlow enabled device is sending the correct fields and data using WireShark.

Change Sort Order on Service Desk List Forms

No login screen / blank UPM browser

SNMP device polling will not work on newly installed RedHat NFA Harvester

e2e_appmon probe issue running script

What is required for ACF2 for setup of z/OSMF 2.1?

Common reasons and solutions for getting "No Primer transport" while deploying the Agent or the Scalability Server

Guide to troubleshooting UIM->NFA Integration

Why does TMSINIT Abend with S0C7?

Changing the Date Format for the Service Desk Web Client and Outgoing Notifications.

Error when logging into eHealth web and utilizing EEM

When installing CA Spectrum, an Installer UI Mode Error shows: Installer User Interface Mode Not supported

Protocol handler initialization failed: Address already in use: JVM_Bind :80

Message "SRM has not finished starting" seen in the Spectrum OneClick Report Manager configuration web page on Linux

While creating a new Web Intelligence report, these errors might occur: "AHD12002", "AHD03053", "IES 10901" and "WIS 10901". How to resolve this?

The pdm_maileater_nxd process will not start when the mail attachment repository on a secondary server.

How do I configure the sampling rate for a router device within NFA manually?

Slow performance of udm_manager in Oracle environment - udm_inventory queue backed up

Issue on LDAP via SSL: Getting "unable to find valid certification path to requested target" error.

After logging into CA PAM there is a message: "Bind Failure" "The following loopback addresses could not be loaded..."

How do I change the MySql tmp directory in NFA to a different directory?

Registering and Installing Various Packages in Unicenter Desktop and Server Management r11.x

Datamart: Technical White Paper

Error message in stdlog: pdm_text_nxd 3620 ERROR callback.c 414 3841 objects registered; exceeds 750% of slump object hash size of 512

How to modify (extend or reduce) the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) web session timeout?

What are the recommended Ingress and Egress Netflow/IPFIX settings for devices sending data to NFA?

Error Code 3: MDB Tools install error. SSL handshake failed: The TDS protocol stream is not valid

32bit ITCM agents running on 64bit Windows platforms

CA PPM: Knowledge Store Collaboration Icons for expand or collapse actions

How do Timesheet Notifications get sent automatically without using a process definition?

After deploying the CABI probe to a robot we are getting the following error for the Probe 'cabi' : (command = ) returns no-restart code (42)

Customer Notice - End of Service Announcement for Layer 7 SecureSpan Gateway 7

Increasing the disk space available to a virtual appliance using Logical Volume Management (LVM) in API Gateway version 8.x and later

Managing the default Policy Manager administrator account

End of Life for CA LDAP

How can I check the modules that are loaded in the LPA like RHDCSSFM?

eHealth will not start or continually crashes, what do I do?

Lag or slow performance when typing in timesheet cell

Alarm counts differ in USM depending on view

Creating a Package to run winoffline

How to get all solutions for CA Datacom/AD 15.0 PTFs via the Maintenance Grid for z/OS?

Listing values for the option file when running in compatibility mode under release 11.6

What are the supported versions of Tomcat and Java for CA Endevor Webservices ?

New Procedure to Upgrade CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 SP01 from CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 SP00

Java HTTP error 500 error after upgrade to NFA 9.1.2

2015-2016 CA PPM SaaS On Demand Maintenance Window Schedule

domsrvr ERROR, "Cannot associate table Call_Req with Producer in; table already associated with Producer cr", and bpvirtdb_srvr ERROR, "Ignoring registration of producer Call_Req", are in the stdlog

Information on how to obtain the CA Spectrum 9.4 download from the CA Support website

Message error - Error executing Flow Forensics report on host x.x.x.x

How do I uninstall CAM (CA Message Queuing Server) manually?

How to cleanup MSM user ids that are no longer being used.

Can and how to only protect Identity Manager 12.5 with Sit e Minder without fully integrating the two products?

An error shows when starting the SpectroSERVER noting that the Spectrum database was not gracefully closed.

I am receiving JVMTI errors from MATUNER. They don't cause the process to fail, and only occur on the first invocation of a class.

Web Agent Option Pack :: ACO : Full List

Getting "[ERROR]SmDsLdapConnMgr Bind. Server : 636. Error 81-Can't contact LDAPserver" when trying to authenticate with AD configured in SSL

Using Windows Regional Settings

Maileater will not create a ticket even though the "from" email address is valid for an active contact in Service Desk

How to Set a Workstation Alert for ConnectionStatus

After installing NFA, when trying to access the web URL http:///ra it directs you to a directory listing instead of the NFA website.

I've just upgraded maintenance and now I'm receiving 3182 messages

The new features in CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition Web Client (r11.3.3)

A gdb warning noting "expected core file size" shows when trying to obtain a stack dump from a CA Spectrum SpectroSERVER core file.

CA Gen r8.5 Linux Implementation Toolset install error 'Binary file cannot be executed'

[ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Candidate jar file /opt/wily/core/config/../ext/MQAppSupport.jar is not a legal extension


CA Spectrum's Internal_If_Alias attribute does not match the devices actual ifAlias entry for ports

Increasing WMI quota limit to enable collection of SCCM objects via CA ITCM SMS extractor

Generate an activity log entry for when a custom field or extra field (such as string1, string2 etc.) is updated.

The job status and history information in WCC does not match what AutoSys reports via a command line, autorep -d -J jobname.

Missing Bootmgr when deploying imagex OS Image

Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 Wizard error when using Siteminder

How to SNMPWalk2 a v3 device

Steps to Troubleshoot Tomcat issues

How to Configure OpenSSH on Windows 2008 for use with eHealth 6.3

Setting up Live Exceptions profiles in an eHealth Distributed environment

Nas alarm counts are not in sync between UMP USM and the Infrastructure Manager alarm subconsole

Search Server not responding for keywords

Controlling the content of a catalog based on the Active Directory (AD) Organisational Unit (OU) of a Computer or User Profile

How can you create a URL/Link Attachment via Service Desk Manager Web Services?

Failed to get the DD Reference for an Attribute, Attr = CA.SM::Domain.IMSEnvironmentsLink

Machines with duplicate hostname couldn’t be displayed in DSM Explorer

Why does OneClick correlate the alarms for Chassis Down (0x10f69), Device not responding to polls (0x10009) and Blade status unknown (0x10f71), but the alarms are not being correlated in AlarmNotifier and I get three alarms for every single outage?

LXX keeps filling when trying to import ca7 db.

Cannot find the CA_LIC folder on the server where XCOM for Windows Server 11.6 SP01 32-bit is installed.

How to disable CCI startup on a LINUX Workload Automation AE server?

How to change the Hostname or IP Address on a SpectroSERVER or OneClick Server

How To Automatically Assign A Group After Selecting An Area When Creating An Incident

How can the password encryption keys (EM.private EM.public) be regenerated for EM communication within a cluster and is it also possible to use Isengard SSL for that intra-EM communication?

%CASAP_W_330, Unicenter AutoSys JM interface -> error code 2 from action OpenEvent for event name AutoHeartBeatEvent

How to Set JVM Options for Jaspersoft Servers

How to enable LDAP authentication in CABI 6.1 JasperServer Reports

Fresh install of eHealth on Windows server fails at Database creation stage with the error: nhCreateDb FAILED: log file is FAR TOO SMALL (624 vs 15000+ lines)


CA Plex Compatibility Matrix for Supported Releases.

List of Current Desktop and Server Management (DSM), and Desktop Management Suite (DMS) Build numbers.

How do I download Siteminder Policy Server iRecorder

How to replace an expiring or expired user digital certificate signed by a third party Certificate Authority (CA) keeping the same key pair.

Can I implement slot pool changes while CA TPX is active?

How can I find computers whose HostUUID has changed?

How do I add lost Installation records into the MDB manually?

Security violations when putting maintenance to a CA product

When using an SSL offloader, the TARGET parameter when redirected to the login.fcc page is changed to specify a http: rather than https: protocol even though the original request was made over https:

After installing the 12.5 ITCM Agent, CAF will not start and multiple CAM processes will start and stop repetitively, but CAM will fail to start completely which in turn prevents caf from starting.

SSL Medium & Weak Cipher Suites Supported

Establishing CA Directory replication for policy data and session artifacts in EEM 8.4

Signon Password Changes May Fail on Remote LPARs Running AES256 Password Encryption.

How to Perform Schema Changes using Web Screen Painter on Advanced Availability Configuration

Gateway database fail over fails: FUNCTION ssg.next_hi does not exist

Enabling LDAP(S) authentication and authorization for the Gateway configuration menu

How do I implement z/OS 2.1 JES2/JES3: SAF Checking for Job Input Class?

Deleting Workspaces and Projects

Troubleshooting Email Notifications

Problem with JOBNAME Logical Group and Threshold Triggering

How to change the EiamAdmin user password in CA EEM and how does that impact CA WAAE and CA WCC?

Sample JCL's to apply maintenance and published PTF's

Using An Oracle 12c Database with 12.9 Enterprise Management

eHealth dashboards show "No Data to Display" in CAPC after upgrading the eHealth datasource

Not getting any threshold events

"Verify the user running Nolio agent has privileges to impersonate other users" error

How to count the number of devices in eHealth

Why while trying to upgrade WCC on Windows, I got the following error: ..... Could not get write access to WCC install folder %CA_WCC_INSTALL_LOCATION%. Backup folder was not created. Fix the problem and select OK to try again. Select Cancel to abort

UIM (NimsoftSLM) Database has Grown to an Unmanageble Size

Frequently asked questions and Technical details for the Remote System Monitoring (RSP) Probe.

How to run a query to show devices in maintenance mode

Disable Agent Discovery feature to prevent SiteMinder Policy Store corruption by Agent Instance objects in a Muti-Master replicated Policy Store environment.

CABI JasperReports Server Installation Failed with DB_ALREADY_EXIST error

Unable to install CABI 6.2 due to error "Repository Database already exists ".

CA7 R12.0 Job Definition JCL ID:254 Not Allowed

How to replace existing expired licenses in Xtraction with new ones?

How to change the Service Desk server host name on r12.9?

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