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Advantage VISION:Report Release 16.1
GA Reminder and Support for Older Releases

Advantage VISION:Report for Z/OS Release 16.1 and Advantage VISION:Report for VSE Release 16.1 are Generally Available (GA). If you haven't already done so, we urge you to order and install Release 16.1 as soon as possible so that you can start using the new capabilities.

A few highlights of this release include:

  • New Native VSAM Commands. Two new native VSAM commands, CLOSER and TCLOSE, have been added.

  • KSDS LRECL Greater Than 32K. KSDS VSAM record sizes greater than 32K are now supported via native Advantage VISION:Report I/O statements.

  • SORT Enhancement of Specification Options. Advantage VISION:Report Release 16.1 includes additional new SORT specification options.

  • VRRDS and LDS Support. Advantage VISION:Report for z/OS Release 16.1 supports VSAM Variable Relative Record Datasets and LDS datasets.

For additional information on these features and others for Advantage VISION:Report for Z/OS Release 16.1, please click here for the Z/OS Product Announcement. For additional information on these features and others for Advantage VISION:Report for VSE Release 16.1, please click here for the VSE Product Announcement.

To order this release, please call us at 1-800-637-5858. Specify TOPS code VSNREP00200, Genlevel 0303, for Advantage VISION:Report for Z/OS, Release 16.1, or specify TOPS code VSNREP00100, Genlevel 0212, for Advantage VISION:Report for VSE, Release 16.1.

For customers outside of North America, please contact your local Computer Associates Support Center.

Support for releases prior to Release 16.1 will be discontinued on 06/30/2004.

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