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Software Change Management for Mainframe

Manage source code more effectively and improve your IT service quality.

Imagine if you could easily and effectively manage the creation, storage, and maintenance of your mainframe source code. With Software Change Management for Mainframe from CA Technologies, now you can.

Our solution is designed to help you manage, secure, and audit your IT assets. You can centralize change control and manage. With it, you can securely manage your IT assets while you automatically audit changes. You can use the configuration management tools to facilitate parallel development, synchronize software, and expedite the implementation of your critical projects. 

More Mainframe, More Results

CA Endevor® Software Change Manager

Automate to accelerate software development time across the enterprise.

  • Expanded CA Endevor SCM Eclipse-based user interface (UI) Best practices implementation toolkit
  • UNIX® Systems Services (USS) package ship and package ship back out
  • CA Endevor SCM support for VSAM extended addressability
  • Enterprise-wide change and configuration management

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CA Harvest Software Change Manager

Manage development teams across your enterprise with agility.

  • Platform differentiation
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Project database management
  • Process management
  • Defect tracking

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CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench

Synchronize application development activities between distributed and mainframe platforms.

  • CA CMEW is part of comprehensive solution
  • Extensible SOA integration bridge
  • Cross-platform, process-driven software change management
  • Advanced approval process facility
  • Robust enterprise package processing

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