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Cloud solutions from CA Technologies can enable you to take advantage of the cloud— securely and reliably.

Cloud computing can bridge the gap between what your business needs and what you can provide — even with flat budgets. But it also presents its own set of challenges:  security, availability, performance, compliance, integration, purchasing, budgeting, development, visibility, automation and insight.

Whether you’re a large enterprise, a growing business, a government organization or a service provider, our cloud solutions can help you meet these challenges. With CA Technologies cloud solutions, you can increase business agility, accelerate cycle times, reduce costs, increase margins and drive revenues.

CA Nimsoft Monitor

Get unified coverage of the IT systems and cloud services that matter to your business.

  • Realize fast time-to-value with streamlined deployment, unified administration and more.
  • Leverage a single platform that offers comprehensive coverage of your devices and services.
  • Harness sophisticated event management and reporting that enables fast problem resolution and proactive issue prevention.

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CA AppLogic® Cloud Platform

Deliver the software defined data center in hours with a turn-key cloud platform.

  • Run SaaS versions of existing applications with no code modifications.
  • Assemble complex software defined data center infrastructures visually, by dragging and dropping from a catalog ready-made templates, rather than APIs.
  • Virtual business service allows you to configure, scale, and monitor cloud applications as a single entity.

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CA CloudMinder™

Ensure safe access to your applications with a robust cloud-based identity and access management solution.

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24 Feb 2014
CA Technologies Launches Industry's First Management Cloud for Mobility

18 Feb 2014
CA Technologies Simplifies and Secures Mobile, Web and Cloud Application Development with New Release of CA Layer 7 API Portal

21 Jan 2014
Northrop Grumman Signs Agreement with CA Technologies for Cloud-based Identity and Access Management Services