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Database Management for DB2

Help ensure optimal performance, efficient database administration, and reliable backup and recovery for DB2 for z/OS.

The CA Database Management solutions for DB2 for z/OS provide the power and flexibility enterprises need to ensure optimal performance, efficient database administration and reliable backup and recovery. These interoperable solution suites offer practical products that are integrated to improve service levels, data availability and application responsiveness.

NFCU improves DB2 transaction throughput by 30% with proactive performance management.

Blue Hill Data Services Replaces BMC and Compuware to Simplify Vendor Management and Reduce Costs

CA Database Administration Suite for DB2 for z/OS

Intelligent automation designed to safely manage your big data warehouse, ERP/CRM, or internet applications and data

  • Integrated command center
  • Automated object migration
  • Simplified object management
  • Simplified data management
  • Increased data availability

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CA Database Performance Suite for DB2 for z/OS

Conduct sophisticated analysis and proactively suggest corrective actions to keep your DB2 databases performing optimally.

  • Seamlessly integrated components that let you define which DB2 objects to process and what actions to perform on those objects
  • DB2 real-time statistics (RTS) utilization
  • Automated object maintenance
  • Multitasking capabilities
  • Analysis Reports

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CA Database Recovery Management Suite for DB2 for z/OS

Simplify and streamline DB2 recovery.

  • Application and system recovery
  • Disaster recovery services and high availability with enhanced recovery options
  • Audit and SNAPSHOT capabilities
  • SMF audit reporting
  • Log change records, customizable log analysis reporting and recovery guidance using log information

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CA SQL Performance Suite for DB2 for z/OS

Automatically detect and stop an inefficient SQL statement from moving into production.

  • Identification of resource consumers
  • Extended problem tracking
  • Identify frequently used DB2 objects
  • Expert rules system
  • Reporting services

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CA Insight™ Database Performance Monitor for DB2 for z/OS

Reduce the time and effort involved with managing DB2 system performance by identifying and correcting inefficiencies in DB2 system and buffer pools.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical performance data
  • Monitors static and dynamic SQL
  • Exception monitor
  • Reporting capabilities

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CA Chorus™ for DB2 Database Management

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing mission-critical DB2 workloads.

  • Automated tracking and graphing of comparative historical data
  • Improved productivity and visualization
  • Alerts on DB2 threshold exceptions
  • In-context domain documentation with third party integration
  • Performance monitoring with graphical displays
  • Real-time statistics

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