CA Customer Care

CA Customer Care

Licensing Team

CA Customer Care verifies license entitlement, researches license key issues, troubleshoots licensing errors, and resolves problems with entitlement data. The team supplies you with License Keys for both trial and permanent licenses.

Please visit the CA Technologies Licensing site for additional resources and to open an online issue directly with the team using the CA Customer Care webform.

Below are some guidelines to assist you when opening an issue online for licensing assistance.

Your CA Technologies Product or Product Family What type of license key do you need to select? What will we ask you?



  • OLP certificate order id
  • Product & release/edition

  • Operating System
  • Error message (if applicable)
  • TOPS/SAP contract number (for ALPKEY)

Technical information necessary: Please zip and attach a copy of the CA_LIC folder to the issue request.




(former products from Concord & Aprisma)

  • Product and release/edition
  • Operating System
  • Error message (if applicable)
  • TOPS/SAP contract number
  • Concord Support contract ID (6-digit customer number)

Technical information necessary:

  • For eHealth: Host name & host ID of the machine where the license file is to run. We need the eHealth System ID string if you are requesting an eHealth system key.
  • For Spectrum: Primary and Secondary license numbers
  • For netViz: Old/current license key.

CA Mainframe

(running CAIRIM)
  • Business impact
  • Product and release/edition
  • Operating system
  • Request description (i.e. New keys/Renewal of Keys/Adding new CPU/Replacing CPU?)
  • Error messages (if applicable)
  • TOPS/SAP contract number

Technical information necessary:

  • CPU full model (example: IBM-2097-F01)
  • CPU serial number (example: 009AB4)
  • If the hardware information is unknown, please retrieve it by executing:
  • On MVS boxes, command D M=CPU at the master console
  • On z/VM OS the hardware details can be located on the Hardware Management Console (HMC)