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Adobe Reader 9.4.4 Update

Vendor:  Adobe Systems Incorporated


Published Date:  27 Apr 2011
Last Update Date:  27 Apr 2011

Severity:   Critical

Impact:  Security

Description:  APSB11-08: This patch addresses a critical security vulnerability. For more information please see Release Notes.

Note: This update can be applied to Adobe Reader 9.4.3

Release Notes

Adobe Reader 9.4.4 Update:

Note: This update can be applied to Adobe Reader 9.4.4

A critical vulnerability has been identified that could cause the application to crash and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. For more information please see visit:

For more information please visit:


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Patched Software

Adobe Reader 9.4.3

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Adobe Reader 9.4.3 Update

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Superseded By

Adobe Reader 9.4.5 Update

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Download Files

AdbeRdrUpd944_all_incr.msp  (3.8MB MSP)

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Patch Level:
There are no prerequisites available for this patch.

OS Level:
Adobe Reader 9.4.3

There are no incompatible software found for this patch.

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