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    The PMO in an Agile World: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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“Do You Know” - How to create and use Logical Views in CA View
“Do You Know” - How to create and use Report Filters in CA View
“Do You Know” - How to use Floating Indexing in CA View
“Do You Know”- That you can store any type of file including binary in CA View and read the reports with CA Output Management Web Viewer
2013 Ponemon Institute Research Study Results: The State of Cloud SecuritySecure
5 Steps to Implementing a Service Catalog Users Will Love
A CIO’s Dream: Approaches to Solving Persistent, Pervasive IT Issues
A Closer Look at Enterprise Network Management System Vendors with EMA Radar Report
A Customer Discusses the Mainframe
A Customer's Perspective on CA Workload Automation EE (formerly ESP)
Accelerate Delivery of Secure, New Services and Improve the Customer Experience
Accelerate Development by Learning How to Use CA LISA to Eliminate Application Development Constraints
Accelerate Mobile App Delivery: API Security for DevOps
Accelerate Your CA Gen Upgrade
Accelerating Business Growth and Service StrategyProject and Portfolio Management
Achieve Unified Web & API Access with CA SiteMinder® & CA Layer 7Secure
Advanced Persistent Threats: Defending from the Inside OutSecure
Application Modernization Framework
Application Quality Management: Five Reasons to Automate
Application Quality Management: Three Scenarios for AQM
Are You Drowning in SMF Data?
Back to the Future: The Mainframe and Cloud Computing
Best Practices for Entitlement Certification by Michael Liou
Best Practices for Managing Todays Complex Web of Digital Identities and PersonasSecure
Better Together! Integrating CA Testing Tools and CA Endevor SCM
Biometric Authentication for Online Applications using CA SiteMinder® and Bio-key ID Director™
Building the Business Case for CA Gen
Business Intelligence – From Concept to Delivery, and back againData Management
CA ADS Alive Overview
CA ADS DML Online Overview
CA Aion BRE – Customer Experience
CA Aion BRE Customer Experience with Based Record Capability
CA Aion BRE in Depth – Part I
CA Aion BRE in Depth – Part II
CA Aion BRE Introduction to Based Record Capability
CA Aion Business Rule Expert Update and Roadmap
CA Aion Business Rules Expert
CA Aion Rule Manager Demonstration (Part 1)
CA Aion Rule Manager Demonstration (Part 2) with CA IT PAM
CA Aion Rule Manager r11 Demonstration
CA Clarity PPM v13 for Innovation: Ideation and Requirements Planning
CA Clarity PPM v13 to Sustain Your PortfolioProject and Portfolio Management
CA Clarity PPM v13: Upgrade Planning and BenefitsProject and Portfolio Management
CA Client Automation Automated Windows Migration
CA CloudMinder™: Who's Minding Your Cloud?
CA CMDB Connector for z/OS Version 2.0
CA CMDB Connector for zOS Overview
CA Datacom 12.0 Online Reorg: Fred Foster’s User Experience at Macy’s
CA Datacom 14.0 Online Reorg: Rick Brush’s User Experience
CA Datacom Case Study with KPT Insurance
CA Datacom Data Reorganization Updates for 12.0 (Part 1)
CA Datacom Data Reorganization Updates for 12.0 (Part 2)
CA Datacom Data Reorganization Updates for 12.0 (Part 3)
CA Datacom Data Reorganization Updates for 12.0 (Part 4)
CA Datacom DBA Checklist for Success
CA Datacom Server Version 14.0 New Features
CA Datacom User Requirements Tables (URTs) and Application Programming
CA Datacom User Requirements Tables (URTs) and Application Programming Part 2
CA Datacom Version 14.0 Plans
CA Deliver™ r11.5 Key Features Demo
CA Dispatch™ - The Differences Between r6.0 and r11.0
CA Easytrieve® r11 Migration Strategy
CA Endevor and USS – All there is to know!
CA Endevor Quick Edit and CA Endevor Parallel Development – Streamline and Automate
CA Endevor SCM – Site Defined Symbols: Using the E-Symbols Table
CA Endevor SCM and CA Testing Tools – the Integration Advantage
CA Endevor SCM and CA Testing Tools – the Integration Advantage
CA Endevor SCM and Web Services: "This is What it Means For You"
CA Endevor SCM Parallel Development Demonstration – Advanced Use Case Scenarios
CA Endevor SCM Parallel Development Demonstration - Basics
CA Endevor SCM Version 15.0 Element Action Backout
CA Endevor Software Change Manager and CA Testing Tools – Better Together!
CA Endevor Software Change Manager V15 - Status and Plans
CA Endevor® Software Change Manager ACMQ (Automated Configuration Manager Query) Feature
CA Endevor® Software Change Manager and IBM RDz Unite!
CA Endevor® Software Change Manager Global Type Sequencing
CA Endevor® Software Change Manager: How to Exploit the New Features
CA ERwin® Web Portal: Visualize Information from the Web – for All Audiences
CA Gen 8.0 - MSM Installation and Deployment for z/OS (Part 1)
CA Gen 8.0 - MSM Installation and Deployment for z/OS (Part 2)
CA Gen and Eclipse – A Bridge to Limitless Creativity
CA Gen and the Cloud
CA Gen ASP.Net Application Enhancements
CA Gen Best Practices: Deploying Web Applications and Web Servers
CA Gen r8 MSM installation and deployment for z/OS
CA Gen r8 Web Generation Enhancements
CA Gen Studio Overview
CA Gen Web Applications
CA Gen Web Service Access
CA Gen Web View - Skins
CA Gen Web View: A User's Perspective
CA Ideal Tips and Tricks
CA Ideal Tips and Tricks 2010
CA Ideal Web Interface
CA Ideal Web Interface
CA Ideal™ Release 14.0 – Product Update
CA IDMS Currency: An Overview for Database Applications
CA IDMS gets even zIIP-ierMainframe
CA IDMS r17 TUNE INDEX Enhancements
CA IDMS Server r17 Improves Performance and Scalability
CA IDMS Version 18 0 Preview
CA IDMS Version 18.0 Beta Customer Experience: More zIIP and Some of That
CA InterTest Tips and Tricks
CA LISA 7.1 – Service Virtualization with Industry Leading Support for SAPApplication Delivery
CA LISA 7.1: Robust scalability and Industry leading support for SAP
CA Mainframe Output and Enterprise Report Management Latest Trends
CA MICS – It’s All About Reporting
CA MICS Resource Management r12.6 Product Changes
CA MICS: a real world Q&R use case
CA MICS: Using the Q&R Query Library
CA NetMaster Network Management - 5 Cool Things about SmartTrace
CA NetMaster Network Management - 5 Ways to Streamline Region Setup and Deployment
CA NetMaster Network Management Status and Plans
CA NetMaster® File Transfer Management Overview
CA NetMaster® Network Management r12 - understanding business issues affecting your organization
CA NPD Web Series: Defining and Developing a Sustainable Innovation DisciplineProject and Portfolio Management
CA Repository – Universal XML Exchange
CA SiteMinder® Simplifies Data Manipulation with Codeless Configurations
CA SiteMinder® r12.52 – Extending Your Security InvestmentSecure
CA SMF Director – What is it?
CA Solution Demo Showcase - Web Access Management - Federation and Strong Authentication
CA Solutions for Linux on System z and z/VM
CA Spool™ r11.6 Continues to Transform Your Printed Output Way into the Future
CA SRM Web Reporter
CA Technologies IT Executive Forum - “The Innovation Imperative: Closing the IT Gap to Meet Demand and Accelerate Success”
CA Vantage Data Mining Delivering Storage Metrics across the Enterprise
Casewise Integrated Modeler powered by CA ERwin®Data Management
Cloud Economics
Cloud on System z: Why aren’t we doing this already?>Mainframe
Cloud Security: Hybrid Models for Graceful IAM MigrationSecure
Compliance and Your Backup System – How to Make Them Work For You Without Breaking the BudgetData Management
Configuring Concurrent Action Processing in a Nutshell
Customizing Proxies and Web Services using CA Gen Studio
Data Model-Driven BI Agility - Preserving Enterprise Integration by Leveraging Data Modeling Best PracticesData Management
Data Modeling for Agile Application DevelopmentData Management
Data Visualization, Performance Management and Mobile Capability
Data Warehouse Design – Using the Source-to-Target mapping functionality in CA ERwin® Data Modeler and communicating and sharing this mapping through the CA ERwin® Web PortalData Management
Defending Against Insider Threats in the 'Snowden Era'Secure
Developing Data Models: In Cloud Using Yogic Meditation Framework
DevOps Adopt and Adapt for Success WebcastApplication Delivery
DevOps: Hype or the Key to Unlocking Innovation?Application Performance Management
Did You Know CA Output Management Web Viewer Makes Web Viewing a Piece of Cake?
Distributed Storage Management Overview
Do You Know – How Easy it is to Migrate from CA Easytrieve 6.x to 11.x
Do You Know – How To Do More With Less Using Easytrieve
Do You Know - How To Generate HTML Reports
Do You Know – How To Write A CSV File
Do You Know – How To Write Cleaner CA Easytrieve Code
Do You Know Tips for Migrating Across Platforms
Don't settle for mediocracy! Take charge of your service desk customer experience
Driving your Data Governance Process with ERwin® - Applying Standards in your DatabasesData Management
Elevate Your IT Organization! Learn 5 Easy Steps
EMA Presents A New Vision for High Velocity Application Delivery
Enable a Wider Audience to Visualize the Power of Your Data: On Premise or in the Cloud
Engaging Your Mobile Customer While Protecting Sensitive Data
Ensuring Enterprise Reliability: Execution Concepts for IT ExecutivesApplication Performance Management
Enterprise DevOps Extending Release Automation for Continuous DeliveryApplication Delivery
Enterprise DevOps: How Mature are Your Application Release Methods?Application Delivery
ERwin in the Cloud – CA ERwin Data Modeler and Microsoft AzureData Management
Excelling with CA Endevor® Software Change Manager SMF Metrics
Expanded Modernization in CA IDMS 18.5
Expanding Web Single Sign-On to Cloud and Mobile
Extending Identity Management into Mobile Environments with CA IdentityMinder for Mobile Users
Federation Evolved: How Cloud, Mobile and APIs Change the Way We Broker Identity
Frequently Asked Questions About CA ERwin® Data Modeler Complete CompareData Management
Fundamentals of Service Virtualization Technology Application Delivery
Getting the most out of CA SRM r11.8
Getting the Most out of your PPM InvestmentProject and Portfolio Management
Governance and Control of Privileged IdentitiesSecure
Hear it Here! The Customer Conversion Experience with CA Testing Tools
Help Automate and simplify your Disaster Recovery proceduresData Management
How I Saved my Summer Vacation
How PepsiCo Got More Fizz From its SAP application LifecycleApplication Performance Management
How Smart Portfolio Decisions Maximize the Value of Investments & ResourcesProject and Portfolio Management
How to Build Virtual Services with Performance MetricApplication Delivery
How To Get Optimum SQL PerformanceData Management
How to Implement Global Type Sequencing
How to Make a Smooth Installation of CA ERwin® Web PortalData Management
How to Make a Smooth Migration from CA Erwin® Data Modeler r7 to r8 or r8 to r9Data Management
IBM Strategy Update on System z
Identity and Access Management will Drive Your CloudSecure
Identity Intelligence: Oxymoron or Reality?Secure
Identity is the New PerimeterSecure
Identity is the New Perimeter Part 4: Identity and BYOD
Identity is the New Perimeter- Part ll- The Role of Content and ContextSecure
Identity Management on the Go with CA IdentityMinder Mobile
IET Product Update for CA Gen
IET Tools Plug In for CA Gen Studio
Implement CA Gen Transactions within an SOA Quicker and Easier
Implementing Identity Governance Across Complex EnvironmentsSecure
Improve Testing of CA Gen Applications using Code Coverage
Improving Object Reuse & Collaboration with Active Model Templates in CA ERwin Data Modeler r8.2
Improving Portfolio Decisions with Investment Planning OversightProject and Portfolio Management
Increase Productivity and Enhance Access to your CA Gen Environment
Increasing Collaboration and Reuse through Model ManagementData Management
Installing CA IDMS Version 18.0 with CA Mainframe Software Manager (MSM) Part 1
Installing CA IDMS Version 18.0 with CA Mainframe Software Manager (MSM) Part 2
Integrating CA Ideal and CA Datacom in a National Online Health Records System
Intelligent Data-Centric Security: Protecting Mobile Data in a BYOD World
Introduction to CA 2E Change Management Option
Introduction to xTrace
Is Software Redundancy Eating up Your IT Budget?Mainframe
Is Your IMS Database Recoverable Expect the Unexpected
IT Infrastructure Performance is Business Performance: Trends Analysis
It’s Never “Once & Done” – Strategic Planning is “Always on” (1 PMI PDU)Project and Portfolio Management
It’s Never “Once & Done” – Strategic Planning is “Always on” (1 PMI PDU)Project and Portfolio Management
It’s Never “Once & Done” – Strategic Planning is “Always on” (1 PMI PDU)
Its Not a Dinosaur Promoting the Mainframe Within Your Organization
Just say “no” to PowerPoint and Visio for Data Modeling
Just-in-Time Authentication: Creating a New Balance of SecuritySecure
Keeping CA IDMS Healthy
Keeping your CA Datacom and CA Ideal Software Healthy
Lab to Live: Smooth Virtualization Transitions
Learn How to Realize the Savings! CA Endevor® Software Change Manager - Promotion Packages
Let's Get Down to Business: Getting the “Business” into Business-Oriented Data Modeling – Practical Techniques and Examples
Let's Get Down to Business: Help your Business Love its Data (Models): Tailoring Data Models for your Audience
Let's Get Down to Business: Worried How Data Quality in your Organization may be affected by a move to the Cloud?
Leveraging ERwin in MDM and Data Government InitiativesData Management
Leveraging Key Features in CA Easytrieve® r11
Linux on System z: How Do I Get Started?
Mainframe and the Cloud
Mainframe Automation Reaches z/Linux and the z/Enterprise
Mainframe Disaster Recovery Using CA Storage Tools
Mainframe Tape: A Technology for the New Millennium (Part 2)
Mainframe Virtualization: Rely on a Trusted Friend
Making Better Decisions in Project and Portfolio Management (1 PMI PDU)Project and Portfolio Management
Making IS Audits Work: Advice for Auditors and Auditees
Managing Your IT Suppliers: How to Ensure You Get What You Pay For
Meet the IBM z10
Meeting Business Demand by Quickly Deploying Cloud Services
Meeting the Ongoing Challenge of Identity and Access ComplianceSecure
Migrating to Roles in CA ACF2
Mobile Application Security: A CA SiteMinder Case Study
Mobile Authentication: Key Considerations for Developing Your Strategy
Moving IAM to the Cloud: The Right Model for Your BusinessSecure
Network Traffic Analysis using CA NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer
Offering Secure and Profitable CloudsAutomation
Optimize Operations of Cisco Environments with Converged Infrastructure ManagementInfrastructure Management
Optimize Operations of Cisco Voice/Video/Data Environments with Converged Infrastructure ManagementInfrastructure Management
Optimizing CA SiteMinder® Performance and Uptime: Key Metrics and Dependencies
Provide Convenient, Secure Access to SharePoint with CA SiteMinder
QA Console
Reduce Risk and Improve Compliance with CA ControlMinder and GovernanceMinder
Reduce Support Costs by Optimizing Relevancy
Resource Management – Status & Plans
Resource Management Status and Plans
Role of Automation in Cloud ComputingAutomation
SaaS? Hosted? On-premise? What ITSM Model is Right for Me?Service Management
Secured Telnet Connections
Securely Turn Social Media Followers into Prospects and CustomersSecure
Securing Access to Sharepoint: Best Practices for Secure Collaboration
Securing Identities in the CloudSecure
Securing Identity is the New Perimeter Part l- The Evolution of IdentitySecure
Securing Mobile Applications with CA SiteMinder® for Web Access Management
Securing Virtual Environments Across the Enterprise and CloudSecure
Service Desk Self-service with Support Automation and On-demand Training
Shift Left - Improve Time to Market by Minimizing Constraints and DependenciesApplication Delivery
So you have a Logical Data Model - Now you have your Data Warehouse in a few clicksData Management
SOA and CA Gen 8
SOA Architecture and Engineering Framework
SOA for CA Gen
Solving Mainframe Application Problems: CA Mainframe Application Tuner
Solving the Challenges of Data and Directories
Steps to Effective Application Portfolio Management & Rationalization
Stu Henderson's Clear Explanation of Digital Certificates
Switching Identity Management & Governance Vendors to Meet Emerging RequirementsSecure
Take a DevOps Approach to Deliver Quality Applications Faster and Smash the Siloes In Your IT Organization
Taking Advantage of the CA SymDump CICS Trace Feature
TCP Connection Durations: What Can They Tell You?
Testing on the Mainframe: Why You Care...Mainframe
The Best of CA World How CA APM Helps Customers Drive Biz Service Reliability
The Emergence of Service Assurance in Enterprise IT
The Evolution of Identity
The IAM as an API era has arrived – you can blame thank mobility
The Impact of Application Performance and Availability on Your Business – and Your CustomersApplication Performance Management
The New CA SiteMinder r12.51 Release
The New Face of Data Modeling: Enhanced drawing and Graphics with CA ERwin r8
The Search for ROI – The Importance of Service Performance Management
The security challenges of connecting and collaborating with Microsoft SharePoint
Thinking about moving to service deliveryApplication Performance Management
Too Much Metadata? Too Little Time? New Bulk Editing in ERwin r8 Can Help.
Top 10 Tips for Collecting and Preparing DB2 Performance Data with CA Detector and CA Subsystem Analyzer
Top Talkers – IP Remote Addresses
Trends in Converged Infrastructure ManagementInfrastructure Management
Unifying Security Across Web, APIs and MobileSecure
Unlocking the Potential of CA Workload Automation with AgentsMainframe
User Experience- Moving from High Availability to Continuous Availability with CA Datacom
User Experience: CA Datacom/DB Data and Index Partitioning
Using Model Templates to Save Time and Increase Quality
Using Service Performance to Drive Continual Improvement
Using the Diagram Trace Facility
Using Web Services with CA Aion BRE 11.0 JRA/JCA
Virtualization Security: Presented by VMWare® and CA Technologies
Visualizing Source-to-Target Data Mappings for Data Warehousing in CA ERwin
Web Service Integration to CA IDEAL with Ivory Service Architect
Web Site Story – A CA Gen Love Story
Webcast Event- How Data Modeling and BI Work Together for Improved Business Value
Webcast Event: Top 10 Reasons to Choose CA ERwin Data Modeler r8
What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps – and What YOU Should be Doing Now!
What You Really Need to Know About Your Storage
What's New in CA ACF2™ r15
What's New in CA Top Secret® r15
When It Comes to Application Performance, The User is Still KingApplication Performance Management
Why Strong Authentication Is a Must for All Users
Winning and Retaining Customers through Better Web Application PerformanceApplication Performance Management
Wipro Technologies: Delivering Business Value Through LISA Service Virtualization
XML Thunder
Yes it Can Happen Fast - CA Endevor Software Change Manager installed and deployed in less than 30 minutes
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