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Continuous Delivery

Accelerate your time to market with a total end-to-end solution.

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Release the apps your customers want, at the pace they demand.

To compete in today’s application economy, you need a development lifecycle that delivers quality functionality faster. Continuous delivery tools from CA provides a zero-touch workflow with the integrations, analytics and feedback loops required to streamline application delivery mobile to mainframe.  With Continuous Delivery from CA, you can develop swiftly, test agilely, release reliably–and achieve a true competitive advantage.


How to Develop an Agile Testing Strategy for Continuous Delivery


Can Your Organization Innovate at the Pace Your Business Demands?


Assess your ability to develop quality applications faster.

Eliminate obstacles with our continuous delivery tools.


Develop swiftly.

Virtualizing services lets your teams work at the same time toward the same goals, so you deliver great apps at top speed.

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Test agilely.

Cut testing time by implementing environment simulation, test data generation and testing automation.

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Release reliably.

Match your release velocity to development velocity through controlled and scalable deployments.

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CA Service Virtualization: Meet your need for speed.

Speed app development time by 50 percent with CA Service Virtualization. Simulate missing, unavailable or expensive components so your teams can access the critical services they need to test anything, anywhere in the development lifecycle.

Test Data Management: Maintain compliance and deliver winning apps faster.

Creating great applications requires high-quality test data, and new global legislation has made data privacy requirements more stringent than ever. Test Data Management solutions from CA give you the cross-platform data you need for rigorous testing with compliant content. You can deliver fully tested apps that align with regulations—and eliminate expensive delays.

CA Release Automation: Agile, scalable release management.

CA Release Automation enables you to deploy on demand at the speed of agile development. Start small and scale big—easily handling more complexity, more applications, more platforms, more frequency, more environments. Let us help you streamline and optimize your continuous delivery pipeline so you can get to market 20x faster with 98% fewer production errors.*

* The Total Economic Impact™ of CA Release Automation, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CA Technologies, December 2015

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