The Practical Blueprint to Continuous Delivery

Assisting enterprises at any stage of their DevOps journey

Do you want to bring continuous delivery to your organization? Or would you simply like to begin your automation journey?

Start your automation journey with continuous delivery.

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Using this blueprint to continuous delivery, you can implement as many or as few of the practices that are appropriate to your needs. The blueprint has four distinct levels, and we can help you take each step along the way, up to and including continuous delivery.

See how the blueprint can take a company of any maturity level all the way up to enterprise-scale continuous delivery using a combination of CA Continuous Delivery Automation, 20+ years of business automation experience and the proven tools and practices the company is already leveraging.

A Plan for Success

The DevOps Maturity Assessment shows you exactly where you sit on each of the four steps, and puts it into the context of your competitors. The assessment will give you a blueprint to reaching the next level of automation as quickly and safely as possible, all on the road to enterprise agility.

If it’s time for your business to take the step up to continuous delivery, download this eBook now and explore the four steps.

Follow the Blueprint to Continuous Delivery from CA Technologies to begin your organization's digital transformation.

As DevOps initiatives accelerate across enterprises, agility within the core business applications become critical. CA Continuous Delivery Automation has clearly been designed to enable this required agility, empowering the DevOps initiatives that are making Digital Transformation real.

Source: Andy Cureton, Managing Director at Forest Technologies

A Look Inside


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Step 1: Manual and Scripting
  3. Step 2: Automate Deployments
  4. Step 3: Orchestrate Toolchain
  5. Step 4: Continuous Delivery
  6. Conclusion

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