20 Recommendations for Successful Oracle Retail Operation

Inefficient Oracle Retail solutions significantly affect the business adversely. Use these recommendations to deliver a fail-safe, efficient Oracle Retail environment.

Is your Oracle Retail solution difficult to run? Does it command too much time and too many resources to resolve issues or result in undetected errors? Achieving operational efficiency is vital.

Make your Oracle Retail solutions more efficient now.

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It is vitally important to deliver operational-ready schedules for Oracle Retail projects. Why? Because the business impact of solutions which are difficult to run, command time and resources to resolve issues or result in undetected errors could be catastrophic.

Operations and retail support teams will be the first to feel the effect, but inefficient Oracle Retail solutions could grind retail operations to a complete halt.

In this eBook, we explain how you can operate a failsafe, efficient Oracle Retail operational environment. We will show you how automation enables you to streamline the execution of your Oracle Retail batch operations and increase the day-to-day efficiency of your operations teams.

This eBook explores:

  • Key Requirements
  • Best Practices
  • Operational Challenges
  • Resolution Strategies

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to Oracle Retail, have an active implementation project that is running or have an existing deployment in production, the same issue applies: You are making a significant investment in the technology and need to develop a reliable and efficient batch schedule.

Source: 20 Recommendations for Successful Oracle Retail Operation

A Look Inside


  1. Introduction
  2. Oracle Retail Implementation Recommendations
  3. Recommendations for Successful, Fail-Safe Oracle Retail Operation
  4. Future State Automation

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