CA Technologies Positions Itself as a Full-Service Automation Tool—An 'Uber Orchestrator.'

Transform your IT Operations to a strategic partner.

As organizations evolve, so do the demands on automation tools. 451 Research investigates how the CA Technologies “Uber Orchestrator” looks to solve the conundrum.

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Are you struggling to navigate through an ever-changing landscape of software vendors? Are disparate silos and toolchain sprawl hindering your company? The latest report from 451 Research focuses on how the “Uber Orchestrator” from CA Technologies could benefit you.

The report reflects on major platform enhancements introduced with latest product releases from CA Technologies and how they will help IT Operations no longer be viewed as a cost center but more as a strategic partner to the business.

New Features Include:

  • Zero-downtime upgrades that allow users to maintain their workload automation tool without taking the CA Automic One Automation Platform down
  • Environment blueprint provisioning that simplify full stack deployment to multiple different target systems and stack providers by enabling encapsulation of application models into reusable templates
  • Multi-tenant private cloud sandbox environment
  • Centralized management of enhanced reporting and SLA monitoring
  • New CA Automic Web Interface to provide users with rich self-service orchestration functionality

451 Research also considers the opportunities that may arise following the acquisition of Automic by CA Technologies. The combination of resources and ambition will be well placed to bridge the divide across IT and business processes, enabling a common framework for ITaaS.

Read the full report now to get 451 Research’s perspective on the role of CA Technologies as “Uber Orchestrator.”

CA Technologies users can now request and manage a range of multi-vendor, multi-cloud applications, infrastructure and custom services. Policy-based governance right-sizes resources for the task, supporting best execution venue (BEV) operations.

Source: William Fellows, 451 Research

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  2. The 451 Take
  3. Context
  4. Technology
  5. Business Model
  6. Competition
  7. SWOT Analysis

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