DevOps, Continuous Delivery and “Institutionalized Change”: Why IT Automation Drives the Digital Business

In a world of constant change, the latest analyst survey results identify the value proposition of automated products.

Industry analysts, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), conducted a survey on DevOps and continuous delivery practices in modern businesses, designed to explore the impact of organizational and tool-related challenges on today’s IT practitioners.

Find out why automation is essential for successful digital transformation.

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In this industry analyst report EMA analyzes the role of automation and highlights key findings, including the correlation between a company’s ability to efficiently deliver new software features and drive revenue growth.

Demands change as adoption of DevOps and continuous delivery increases.

The link between software delivery and business growth has become a driving force for the adoption of continuous delivery practices.

However, simply defining and adopting certain processes is no longer enough, and EMA investigates how client challenges have shifted since previous research conducted in 2015.

The study also considers the evolving role of tools and explains why automation continues to be key in guaranteeing the speed and quality of releases.

Review this research to learn more about:

  • Tooling the continuous delivery lifecycle to support the digital enterprise
  • Three key factors that emerge as top focus areas for IT initiatives supporting the digital business
  • How accelerating the release frequency of code delivery can result in exceptional revenue growth
  • Driving positive business outcomes by using automation and orchestration to provision and deploy new app releases

Read this report to find out why automation is an essential pre-requisite of successful digital transformation.


IT practitioners are recognizing that without automation supporting well-developed software delivery practices, it’s possible to deliver either speed or quality.

Source: DevOps, Continuous Delivery and 'Institutionalized Change': Why IT Automation Drives the Digital Business

A Look Inside


  1. Overview
  2. Tooling the Continuous Delivery Lifecycle to Support the Digital Enterprise
  3. Integration
  4. Automation
  5. Revenue Growth
  6. Release Automation
  7. EMA Perspective 



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