CA Continuous Delivery Automation is a Leader in the Latest Gartner Application Release Management (ARA) Magic Quadrant

What puts CA Continuous Delivery Automation at the forefront of DevOps?

For the second year in a row, Gartner has positioned us as a leader in their 2017 Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation.

Improve your release automation management agility.

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Gartner’s Application Release Automation (ARA) Magic Quadrant (MQ) analyzes the current market solutions and their effectiveness in responding to the demands of the modern business. The MQ is created on a tool’s ‘ability to execute’ and its ‘completeness of vision.’

When assessing CA Continuous Delivery Automation, Gartner highlights its ability to ‘provide scalability, resilience, security and enterprise management connectivity.’ The analysis also goes much deeper to cover the strengths, weaknesses and various nuances of all the automation products on the market.

So, against this backdrop, what is it that makes CA Continuous Delivery Automation a leader? Download to find out, and uncover:

  • Current trends in the ARA market
  • The evaluation criteria for the Magic Quadrant
  • What you should be considering when investing in a new ARA solution

The ARA market is rapidly evolving in response to growing enterprise requirements to both scale DevOps initiatives and improve release management agility across multiple cultures, processes and generations of technology.

Source: From the report "Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation Solutions" published by Gartner

A Look Inside


  1. Summary
  2. Market Definition
  3. Magic Quadrant Diagram
  4. List of Vendors’ Strengths and Cautions
  5. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
  6. Evaluation Criteria
  7. Quadrant Description Definitions
  8. Context
  9. Market Overview
  10. Evidence

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