Quocirca: The Need for Data Automation in Hyperion Financial Management

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Oracle HFM is a powerful financial consolidation and analytics tool that provides vital corporate performance information. However, its ability to produce this information is completely reliant on the data it can process.

Oracle HFM users face myriad challenges, including:

  • Time-fenced scheduling means data is pushed at set times, so if processes aren’t completed by that time then ‘final’ figures are not final.
  • Lack of process intelligence means errors are not flagged and go unnoticed unless manually detected.
  • Many manual input points increase the probability and impact of human error.
  • Lack of a centralized system to monitor the complex matrix of inter- and intra-organizational transactions Hyperion deals with can lead to users receiving incorrect, incomplete reports.

Download this white paper produced by the research and analytics company, Quocirca, and gain a more detailed understanding of how you can help your finance department to get more out of Oracle HFM.

The whole raison d’etre of a financial planning package is to provide end of period and continuous reporting—yet without the right data in place, this can be made impossible to fulfil. Ensuring that all packages that contain data pertinent to the financial reporting process are in sync at the right time is an absolute necessity.

Source: The Need for Data Automation in Hyperion Financial Management

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  1. The Problem With Financial Reporting
  2. What Is Needed
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