CA Workload Automation iDash Implementation Services

Delivering on service level guarantees can be challenging. With CA Workload Automation iDash (CA WA iDash), you can apply advanced workload analytics in real time to create an efficient and finely tuned CA Workload Automation AE and /or CA Workload Automation CA7® Edition environments. Streamline SLAs and automate tasks to focus on improving the workload environment, maintain higher levels of availability and reduce the time and effort required to diagnose and resolve performance issues. Visualize complex relationships, proactively monitor thresholds and alerts, and execute recovery actions when thresholds are at risk of being missed.

Implementation services offer a comprehensive, proven approach and reduce project complexity with a carefully managed and phased implementation.

Business Challenges

Control, visibility and costs are common challenges for workload management. Continual infrastructure changes, advances in technology and shifting business demands require managing increasingly complex environments, but the lack of integration can reduce responsiveness. Many organizations are implementing new processes to reduce business impact from lost productivity and wasted resources.

Organizations are challenged to:

  • Control factors that impact SLAs, in part by improving how workloads are monitored. Accurate prediction is key for altering processes that can influence SLA performance, and for adjusting workloads to meet these metrics.
  • Improve visibility to SLA information to support better decisions, and responsiveness to audit and compliance activities.
  • Reduce costs with fewer resources managing the IT environment, while improving operational management overall with efficient processes that have the flexibility to meet changing demand.

Key Outcomes

  • Real-time forecasting and critical path analysis
  • Automated recovery procedures
  • Comprehensive historical reporting
  • Alerts on threshold exceptions
  • Performance monitoring

Key Service Features

  • Manage service level contract lifecycle associated with workload management. Calculate service level performance against performance targets from service level contract metrics.
  • Improve proactive support to improve service level management with data from comprehensive reporting.
  • Respond to demand and plan for growth by analyzing workload trends compared to defined SLAs. Assess and remediate for potential risks to avoid disruptions.
  • Improve implementation quality and accelerate adoption, leveraging expertise from CA Services.

Offering Overview