Key Requirements for Automating Oracle e-Business Suite Financial Close Process

Hundreds of Entities to Close and a Deadline Only a Few Days Away: Avoid Another Big Scramble

Despite the extensive functionality in Oracle Financials, the regular scramble to close your organization’s books at the end of every financial period—be it month-end, quarter-end, or year-end—is just not sustainable. Far too many staff are consumed managing the process and if you are like 88 percent of organizations you’ve experienced way too many near misses and have decided now is the time to act.

In this short guide, we quickly take you through five key requirements to automate the financial close process on Oracle E-Business Suite.

  1. Single Point of Control and Coordination When Executing the Close Process
  2. Support for Multiple Organizations and Business Expansion
  3. Catch Data Errors and Notify Responsible Parties
  4. Track and Ensure Compliance with Corporate and Regulatory Requirements
  5. Validation by Oracle

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