Time to Change Your Workload Automation Solution

Is your current workload automation solution fit for the digital age?

Today disruption is the norm. While your customer facing apps might be agile and digital, do you still rely on a legacy workload automation tool?

Move your workload automation solution into the digital age.

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The Pace of Change

Although the pace of change in your business and the technology you rely on is incessant, not all vendors keep up. Some neglect the need for change in workload automation tools, merely maintaining rather than advancing them and even passing that maintenance onto a third party.

What is required today?

Your workload automation tool may have been developed decades ago. Has it evolved to suit your needs today? This white paper asks if your tool enables you to embrace digital transformation by:

  • Reducing Expenditure in Operations
  • Embracing and Seamlessly Integrating New Technologies
  • Assisting With Audit Compliance and Regulatory Requirements Across All New Technologies
  • Quickly Gaining Business Value From New Technology

Read this white paper to learn what is required from your automation strategy in the digital age.

Most organizations invest in a scheduling solution to drive delivery of services to the business and contain costs of operation. These solutions are typically in place for long periods of time but are rarely reviewed to see if they are still fit for purpose.

Source: Time to change your workload automation solution? - CA Technologies White Paper

A Look Inside


  1. Executive Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. IT Operations Challenges and Opportunities
  4. Consolidating to an Enterprise Automation Solution
  5. Automation Upgrade Project
  6. Summary

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