Workload Automation for Temenos Banking and Finance

Are you making the most of your Temenos solution?

Temenos is undoubtedly an extremely powerful tool with a wide array of functionality. Nonetheless, most users are failing to maximize its potential. Why?

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Temenos is capable of running in a self-contained fashion with a number of proprietary tools. But this limits its integration with the wider business, isolating it and creating a number of issues. Users that are only applying reactive solutions are struggling to keep up and being proactive in countering these obstacles is vital to the modern business.

In this white paper, we explore the need for a strategy that incorporates a holistic automation policy for both Temenos and the wider business. Download it to uncover some of the pain points for Temenos users and how automation can help.

CA Automic Workload Automation will assist you when facing the traditional challenges of:

  • Visibility of the Operational State
  • Close of Business (COB) Processing
  • Security Controls and Workload
  • Integration Across the Enterprise

A holistic approach to automation with a dedicated focus to Temenos has become a key differentiator in the market, enabling the safe swift change necessary to grow and drive revenue.

Source: Workload Automation for Tenemos Banking and Finance, CA Technologies White Paper

A Look Inside


1. Summary

2. Introduction

3. Day-to-day Operations of a Temenos System

   a. Visibility of Operational State

   b. Pre and Post Close of Business Processing

   c. Close of Business (COB) Processing

   d. Security Controls and Workload

   e. Integration Across the Enterprise

4. CA Automic Workload Automation for Temenos

5. Conclusion

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