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David C.

Research Engineer
Videogame Geek, GIF Master and Abstract Thinker

Things I like (to do):

  • Looking for GIFs to use in my everyday conversations
  • Japan
  • Board Games
  • Videogames

David Sanchez Charles is a research engineer at CA Strategic Research, based in Barcelona. His current research interests involve Crowdsourcing, user profiling, process mining and anomaly detection on complex systems.

David is currently pursuing a PhD on Crowdsourcing, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). Prior to joining CA, David collaborated with the bioinformatics department of the Balearic Island University (UIB) and received a Master’s Degree in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineer from the UPC, specializing on computational aspects of modern cryptography defined over elliptic curves.

“Setting harder challenges and solving real problems keep me motivated.”

David Sanchez Charles
CA Strategic Research, CA Technologies

Publications and Conferences

Gabriel Cardona, Arnau Mir, Francesc Rosselló, Lucía Rotget and David Sánchez. Cophenetic metrics for phylogenetic trees, after Sokal and Rohlf. BMC Bioinformatics. (2013)

Ricardo Alberich, Mercè Llabrés, David Sánchez, Marta Simeoni and Marc Tuduri. MP-Align: alignment of metabolic pathways. BMC Systems Biology 8: 58 (2014)

David Sánchez-Charles, Jordi Nin, Marc Solé, and Victor Muntés-Mulero. Worker Ranking Determination in Crowdsourcing Platforms using Aggregation Functions. FUZZ-IEEE 2014: 1801-1808 (2014)

David Sánchez-Charles, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Marc Solé and Jordi Nin. CrowdWON: A Modelling Language for Crowd Processes based on Workflow Nets. AAAI 2015: 1284-1290 (2015)

David Sánchez-Charles, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Josep Carmona and Marc Solé. Process Model Comparison based on Cophenetic Distance. BPM (Forum) 2016. 141-158 (2016)

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