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Type80 Security Software

Integrates with: CA SIEM, CA Audit and CA Top Secret

Contact: Jerry Harding (President), Ph#: (877) 320-0477, Email:

Type80’s Syslog and SMA_RT SIEM tools integrate with CA Audit and CA Top Secret to deliver an agent easy to implement and use and is an effective solution for real-time monitoring in a z/OS environment.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Jim Chan (Sr. Director, Information Technology), Ph#: (650) 539-3200,


The integration between Talend’s TAC Administration will help augment the SSO capability of the solution and enable the TAC Administration portal with CA SSO module to ease the tasks of administrators of our mutual customers.

Tasktop Technologies

Integrates with: CA PPM

Contact: Wesley Coelho (Sr. Director, BD), Ph#: (778) 588-6896 x112,


Tasktop Sync for CA PPM and CA Agile Requirements automatically synchronizes tasks, requirements, stories and issues with third party systems. This allows CA PPM / Agile Requirements users to view, update, and report over information from external systems without disrupting existing technologies and processes.

Telesign Corporation

Integrates with: CA Advanced Authentication, CA Strong Authentication and CA Transaction Manager

Contact: David Gillmore (Director, BD), Ph#: (650) 690-6864,


TeleSign provides a pre integrated simple solution for One Time Password (OTP) based Two Factor Authentication via telephone that requires no additional installation for CA Advanced Authentication users. Administrators enable CA AA to send a SMS or voice call to the end users and provide a single use OTP to be used for login.

Thomson Reuters

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Ross Morris (Director of Alliances and Partnerships), Ph#: (770) 904-0090,


Thomson IP Manager integrates with CA SSO to secure and manage the IP assets of Thomson Reuters as well as our commons customers. This helps the Thomson IP Manager to streamline the portfolio management process for all stakeholders providing end-to-end management of intellectual assets.

Thor Solutions

Integrates with: CA UIM

Contact: Unnar Gardarsson (CTO), Ph#: (949) 428-5000,


Alvaka Networks manages its customers’ infrastructures with CA UIM probes that provide the highest levels of reliability, scalability, easy-to-use and resilient monitoring capabilities. These probes intelligently track performance of the entire infrastructure to gain top-to-bottom visibility needed in order to keep services running optimally. 


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Vijay Ganesan (Architect-Business Intelligence), Ph#: (408) 799-5610,


ThoughtSpot integrates its relational search engine with CA SSO to provide a seamless and secure experience to its users in order to deliver quick responses to their requirements. It augments the computing based answering efforts based on user, role and requirements.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Dan Cole (Director of Product Management), Ph#: (703) 627-1258,


ThreatConnect integrates CA SSO to its suite of products that act as a primary source of threat intelligence record to enhance the security requirements of an enterprise grade threat intelligence platform.


Integrates with: CA SSO and CA Identity Manager

Contact: Renee Yih (Partner Program Coordinator), Ph#: (650) 846-8854,


TIBCO’s Security set of products integrate with CA SSO and CA Identity Manager to provide comprehensive security solutions for our common customers. TIBCO’s collaboration platform and process managers use CA SSO and CA Identity Manager to authenticate user roles and asset allocations.

Trend Micro Canada Technologies

Integrates with: CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

Contact: Jason Liu (Manager), Ph#: (613) 599-4505,


Trend Micro’s threat intelligence analysis platform integrates with CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control to provide a comprehensive security solution based on user roles, access requirements and controls to identified servers. This helps to track traffic effectively and secure the infrastructure proactively.

Trusted Tech Solutions

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Sue Mallick (Director), Ph#: (949) 769-1146, Email:

Trusted Tech Solutions’ Access Management Reporting and Analytics tool integrates with CA SSO to improve on its reporting capabilities and is a light weight solution that our mutual customer can take advantage of, on their existing investment in CA SSO and CA Identity Manager as well.

TurnKey Solutions

Integrates with:  CA Test Data Manager and CA Agile Requirements Designer

Contact: Daniel Gannon (President & CEO), Ph#: (303) 588-1975,


TurnKey’s integration with CA Technologies combines the proven performance of Test Data Manager (TDM) and CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) with the power of TurnKey’s core dataDriver™ running on the cFactory™ platform. It helps you effectively visualize, generate, and deliver fit-for-purpose test data to the right place, at the right time.

UNICOM Systems

Integrates with:  CA TLMS Tape Management, CA 1 Tape Management and CA Chorus for Storage Management

Contact: Larry Lawler (CTO), Ph#: (818) 838-0606, Email:

The UNICOM’s suite of storage products CARTS and TapeSaver extend the storage management capabilities with their integration to CA’s Mainframe Storage management products.

Vasco Data Security

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Philippe Kempf (R&D Manager), Ph#: +33 (556) 81 15 90, Email:

Vasco’s OneLogin simplifies authentication requirements for users via a light weight integration of CA SSO based on the SAML standards which eliminates the password based authentication requirements for enterprises instead used cryptographic token authentications.

Verinon Technology Solutions

Integrates with:  CA SSO

Contact: Pradeep Mannemela (Group President), Ph#: (847) 577-5256,


Verinon is an enterprise content management services provider with an integration to CA SSO to assist SharePoint users transfer data between platforms with only one basic authentication instead of the multiple username-password authentications between platforms or applications.


Integrates with: CA VM: Manager Suite and CA VM: Secure for z/VM

Contact: Edward Franklin (EVP CorpDev & Co-Founder), Ph#: (203) 906-8647,


Veristorm’s data serving platform can displace the legacy ETL method of integrating z data into big data platforms. It’s integration with CA’s products will help clients to improve timing and cost efficiency as they the integration for big data analytics.


Integrates with: CA Performance ManagementCA Network AssuranceCA Spectrum (Infrastructure Manager)CA Network Flow Analysis

Contact: Paul Kohler (Director, Technology Alliances), Ph#: (415) 741-9642,


The combination of Viptela’s vManage application provides centralized configuration, management and a single view for SD-WAN health and performance.


Integrates with: CA SSO, CA Identity Manager and CA Privileged Access Management

Contact: Matthew Barker (Director of QA), Ph#: (408) 433-6051,


Vormetric’s data security solutions integrate with CA’s security suite to enhance the security features and in delivering ease of use of the enterprise grade security applications with real-time monitoring.

Workforce Software

Integrates with:  CA SSO

Contact: Travis Burke (VP, BD & Alliances), Ph#: NA, Email:

Workforce Software’s tools are an easy to use platform for different organizations and is streamlined by roles & responsibilities to manage employee engagements. It’s CA SSO integration is based on SAML standard, helps employers and enterprises to tailor make their authentication and authorization based on an individual’s status.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Alex Lyashok (COO), Ph#: (732) 917-0909, Email:

Workfusion is a SaaS based company providing automation to high volume data collection and enrichment efforts across the globe. Their integration with CA SSO is light weight solution ensuring access to authentic users on a SAML standard.


Integrates with: CA Test Data Manager and CA Agile Requirements Designer

Contact: Suzanne Swanson (VP, Corporate Development), Ph#: (972) 993-0458,


Worksoft Analyze is an easy-to-use solution that enables business analyst and technical staff to capture business process execution across the enterprise. Its integration with CA TDM and CA ARD helps organizations to ensure process to improve continuously to help deliver a lean and optimal process for the enterprise.

Workstreamz Solutions

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Anand Venkiteswaran (Systems Architect), Ph#: (515) 996-0545,


Workstreamz Solutions is a risk management solution provider and has a light weight SAML standard based integration with CA SSO. The intent of this integration was to provide CA SSO customers with an option to have a seamless experience is using the risk management tools provided Workstreamz.


Integrates with: CA Workload Automation

Contact: David Wall (VP, Alliances), Ph#: (925) 922-2641, Email:

The xMatters integration with CA Workload Automation AE can automatically notify response teams when jobs abnormally end. The ability to take actions on the event from any device gives the event resolver a quick way to deal with many issues and communicate to other team members the current state of the event.

z/Transformation Technology Group

Integrates with: CA Top Secret

Contact: Ron Solometo (Principal Director, IT), Ph#: (856) 740-5038,


The z/Transformation Technology Group assists companies and enterprises to maximize the value with their investments in CA Top Secret employing automation tools and services.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Michael Vaughn (Cyber Security Product Manager), Ph#: (512) 298-5501,


Ziften’s Zenith helps enterprises protect their devices, data centers, and cloud deployments from cyber-attacks and in order to achieve a seamless authentication experience they integrate with CA SSO.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Nirali Desai (BDM), Ph#: (408) 400-7257, Email:

Zscaler is a cloud security services provider and has extended its authentication capabilities using the CA SSO integration on the SAML based standard.

CA TechPartners by Name

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