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CA Automic Applications Manager

Accelerate your Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA processing.

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Automate your Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA processing.

CA Automic Applications Manager is and innovative, best-in-class task scheduling solution accelerates your processing, provides visibility and control over business processes and mitigates risk in both environments.

  • Simplify complex IT infrastructures.
  • Provide visibility, management and control of business processes.
  • Mitigate risk by controlling your most mission-critical business processes.
  • Enable the business to respond dynamically to market change.

Explore CA Automic Applications Manager for Ellucian’s Banner.

You are continually looking at ways to do more with less in the higher education community. Making student information, advancement, human resources, financial aid, faculty and advisors, finance, and more operate faster, with less resources and at reduced risk.

All of this is possible with CA Automic Applications Manager for Ellucian’s Banner. This innovative, best-in-class task scheduling solution significantly improves your return on investment for Ellucian’s Banner by automating batch processing and report generation, eliminating server overload, and improving output distribution.

In tests, CA Automic Applications Manager for Ellucian’s Banner has been proven to reduce letter generation time from 4.5 hours per week in financial aid, to 45 minutes per week, reduce AR daily closing from 12 to 2.5 hours per week—and much more. The result? You could cut the time needed to perform critical Financial Aid tasks by more than 34 hours per week.

  • Free technical and end-user staff to work on other mission critical tasks
  • Reduce processing errors by automating complex Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA job sequences
  • Eliminate miscommunication and bottlenecks that cause job delays or failure, by scheduling jobs to run in parallel
  • Enable administrators to view Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA logs and system logs online, reducing the time required to monitor jobs and troubleshoot problems
  • Simplify output management and distribution of reports to end users
  • Schedule processes in series or in parallel with other applications, making straight through processing a reality

Fiserv Open Solutions DNA

It’s imperative to process data for loans, consumer accounts, savings accounts, checking accounts and credit cards as quickly and accurately as possible. That’s not easy though. Your daily batch cycle in Fiserv Open Solutions DNA consists of 50+ jobs that must be run in the correct sequence. Parameters are often entered manually. Server resources are stretched. And the process is open to data entry errors.

CA Automic Applications Manager for Fiserv DNA increases the return on your Fiserv Open Solutions DNA investment. CA Automic process flows, parallel processing, automated parameter entry and notifications eliminate errors shorten the batch processing cycle and free staff to work on other projects. By running all jobs from one CA Automic batch station, you also reduce hardware costs.

  • Run DNA jobs directly, eliminating the need to copy and release queues for each batch cycle.
  • Automatically run DNA jobs at the optimum time using sophisticated scheduling.
  • Run multiple DNA jobs at the same time in parallel from one batch station.
  • Eliminate data entry errors by automatically retrieving parameters from your enterprise databases.
  • Automatically check the results from one step to ensure data integrity before continuing to the next step.

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