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Disaster Recovery With CA Automic Service Orchestration

Get your business continuity plan watertight.

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Disaster recovery automation gives you watertight protection for all your business services.

Cloud, big data, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all driving digital transformation on a massive scale in every business. You rely on different application stacks to deliver the innovative surrounding these disruptive services, so any outage in the underlying technology stack will mean an outage in the business services. And that spells disaster in the form of revenue loss, rapid exodus of customers and diminished brand value.

Most organizations already have ways to backup and recover their data, typically using replication technologies. In most cases, however, the process used to failover business services is still manual. And that spells potential disaster—the most significant being the dependence on the human factor in the middle of a possible crisis.

As digital transformation drives technology and increased complexity, there is an imperative need for a watertight business continuity plan—one that is independent of human intervention and utilizes best-of-breed automation technologies. That solution is CA Technologies.

Disaster Recovery With CA Automic Service Orchestration Features

Real-Time Disaster Recovery Statistics

Dynamic dashboards representing real-time recovery times and data loss provides proof to meet corporate Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) in the event of a disaster.

Management of Application Dependencies

Enforcement of complex recovery dependencies for multi-application environments ensure a successful outcome of DR Plan execution.

Analytics and Monitoring

Granular in-flight analytics on your DR Plan execution puts you in control and accurately determines recovery timelines by service.

Documentation and Audit

A documented and auditable DR Plan is provided both on actions being undertaken and results from DR tests and drills.

Manual Activities

Automated and manual activities during the DR process are managed, including during escalation in the event of inaction of people.

Broad Technology and Application Integration

CA Technologies provides support for the majority of technologies and COTS solution, enhanced by community-based content.

With CA Technologies at the cornerstone of your disaster recovery process, you benefit from

Restoring Services Faster

Get the business back up and running in only 25% of the time.

Drilling More Frequently

Allow more frequent drills with automated DR Plan execution to help reduce the cost and risk to production services.

Meeting SLA

Know and prove that you will meet or beat agreed service level agreements.

Gaining Visibility and Control

See real-time detailed view of recovery position and projected time to completion.

Restoring Services Error-Free

Ensure the DR process is exactly the same as the last drill to give confidence to the outcome, regardless of staff executing recovery.

Stressing Less with a Speedy Recovery

Eliminate stress and improve communications during a disaster.

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With CA at the core of your disaster recovery plan, you will recover faster, more consistently and get your business back to work sooner.