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Automating the DevOps Toolchain

Take control with CA Continuous Delivery Automation.

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Gain agility, speed and visibility.

The Challenge

It's common for organizations to actively growing their technology stack, often with the use of unsupported tools. This rapid adoption of new technology both within and outside of a company's line of visibility leads to the phenomenon of toolchain sprawl

The modern IT portfolio is a disordered sprawl created by rapidly expanding toolchains that hinder, and even undermine, DevOps initiatives. So, how can you gain control and bring cohesion to your continuous delivery pipeline? We can help you orchestrate the entire DevOps toolchain, guaranteeing speed and agility, without going down the costly and inefficient route of rip and replace.

Rapid adoption of new technology both within and outside of a company’s line of visibility leads to the phenomenon of toolchain sprawl. While it’s nothing new, the scale of the problem is escalating. Indeed, to try and combat the problem, many organizations employ automation tactics opportunistically from one isolated instance to another. This worked in days past, however, modern software delivery practices such as agile and continuous delivery demand streamlined progression and promotion of apps, not stop-and-go hops between islands of automation, toolsets and personnel. Additionally, the siloed automation mechanics in use at the modern enterprise are not all compatible or well suited for the size, scope and standards of each promotion along the path to production.

What we are left with is a complex web of interwoven technology, either used for specific purposes or conversely those beyond the intention of their original design. As such, our apps are moved around a vast toolchain, the management of which is untenable and leads to confusion, delays and mistakes. At the same time, individuals and teams have become more and more specialized, further complicating DevOps initiatives and continuous delivery automation.

The Solution

Adding a further tool, CA Continuous Delivery Automation, can standardize a continuous delivery pipeline and facilitate agility across the enterprise. CA Continuous Delivery Automation, orchestrates across and automates within your toolchain, acting as a central pane through which you can view and manage the entire process, providing control, visibility and agility across all phases of your software delivery pipelines.

Built upon the industry-leading CA Automic One Automation Platform, it is technology agnostic with deep and broad platform support that stretches across the entire delivery lifecycle from development through testing to production. Connecting and linking the individual silos of automation into one holistic process, CA Continuous Delivery Automation brings agility, consistency, compliance and continuous delivery cohesion to your core business applications and new digital business apps.

The interface offers a centralized window into your continuous delivery pipelines, enabling the planning, monitoring and orchestration of your toolchain. It is also vital for reporting and SLA management, providing complete visibility and insight for any auditing requirements and process improvement needs.

Why CA Continuous Delivery Automation

CA Continuous Delivery Automation offers out-of-the-box compatibility with the majority of major commercial off-the-shelf software packages and open source software–in any environment, from mainframe to the cloud and the Internet of Things. It enables the straightforward automation of individual products, from multiple vendors through simple workflows. It removes difficulty of managing multiple complex processes, enabling you to focus on continuous delivery outcomes and the implementation of the culture changes true DevOps requires.

So, if your IT teams want to remain agile, but not tied to one toolset, one of the best ways to facilitate a DevOps culture is to allow the use of a diverse tool stack within your organization, while also providing controlled yet flexible continuous delivery pipelines. With CA Continuous Delivery Automation, it is possible to achieve this in a way that enables tool agnosticism, complete visibility and unmatched scalability as your organization continues to grow.

CA Continuous Delivery Automation Features

Rapid Deployment of All Applications

Deploy any application anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Complexity

Combine multiple environments into a single blueprint for ultimate flexibility.

Scaling From Mobile to Mainframe 

Scale from mobile to mainframe with more endpoints, applications deployed and deployments into production than anyone else.

Repeatable and Reliable Processes

Ensure repeatable and reliable processes through object-oriented architecture and multi-tenancy.

Plug-and-Play Tool Choice

Get a plug-and-play tool choice with no coding required via CA Automation Marketplace.

Proactive Remediation

Drive proactive remediation via app performance management, SLAs and deployment runtime metrics.

CA Continuous Delivery Automation Benefits

Maximizes Value

Maximize the value of existing investments.

Continuous Delivery

Enabling business applications to be migrated from one environment to another as software matures through the continuous delivery pipeline.

Continuous Deployment

Enable the continuous deployment of new functionality.

Increases Agility

Enable the agile enterprise by providing self-help and “easy button” responsiveness. 

Improved Visibility

Give LoB and IT SMEs the ability to visualize the Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

Tech Agnostic 

Deploy to public, private, hybrid clouds or containers from a multi-tenant, production-proven platform.

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